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2. Comedy can be seen as "the grounds from which tragedy develops"

  • Susan Synder
  • Coleridge
  • Kate Flint
  • Kate Winslet

3. Who said that "Hamlet is the Mona Lisa of literature"

  • Elaine Showalter
  • Plato
  • T.S Elliot
  • Jacqueline Wilson

4. Who said that Gertrude's main intention is to please men

  • Diana Bornstein
  • Van Goethe
  • Rebecca Smith
  • The Ghost

5. Who commented on Claudius' ability as a good King: "Claudius is a good and gentle king, enmeshed by the chain of causality linking him with his crime"

  • Wilson Knight
  • Harold Bloom
  • Kenneth Branagh
  • William Shakespeare


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