The reaction of halide ions with silver nitrate

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1. When iodides are reacted with silver nitrate solution, what colour precipitate is formed?

  • Cream precipitate
  • Pale yellow precipitate
  • No precipitate
  • White precipitate
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2. Why is nitric acid added when reacting the halide ions with silver nitrate?

  • To produce the precipitate Ag2CO3, which would increase the observations
  • To prevent the formation of the precipitate Ag2CO3, which would mask the observations
  • To help differentiate between the colours if they look similar
  • To make the solution more acidic

3. Why are the silver halides treated with ammonia solution?

  • To neutralise the solution
  • To prevent to formation of precipitate
  • To help differentiate between them if the colours look similar.
  • To make the solution more acidic

4. Why doesn't silver iodide react with ammonia?

  • Because it doesn't have enough electrons
  • Because it is too soluble
  • Because it is too insoluble
  • Because it is too acidic

5. What type of ammonia does silver bromide dissolve in?

  • Concentrated ammonia
  • It doesn't react with ammonia
  • Acidic ammonia
  • Dilute ammonia


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