H1 Presidents : Truman

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1. What 4 military objects did he give to the French

  • Aircraft, Napalm Bombs, grand combat machinery and patrol boats
  • flying craft , Napalm Bombs, grand machinery and patrol boats
  • Aircraft, Napalm Bombs, grand machinery and patrol boats
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2. Why did he get involved?

  • McCarthy was doing speeches on how the were doing
  • French needed support and McCarthy whipped up anti- communism hysteria
  • French were failing

3. Were the French important to him?

  • important for stability of western alliances in Europe
  • No as they were useless
  • No because US troops were there

4. What actions did he take

  • stopped coop with Ho and gave french $100 million
  • cooperated with Ho and stopped helping the french
  • Al pac

5. What year was he President

  • April 1945
  • October 1933
  • March 1944
  • July 1946


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