h1 Presidents: Johnson

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1. why did he fail

  • lost confidence,economic problems, anti war riots in chicago, democratic president lost, forced to retreat, no progress in peace talks and bad public opinion
  • more death
  • battle of Khe Snah
  • No progress in peace talks
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2. what could argue to say it was his war?

  • made escalation and choose to carry on Kens legacy
  • Had the same adverse as Kennedy
  • Used Kennedys policies
  • Military and Civilian adviersrs responsible for policies

3. What was his famous tactic known as

  • Rolling thunder
  • Rolling clouds
  • Rolling sunshine

4. why did he feel pressured to withdraw quickly from Congress

  • before they demanded withdraw
  • because they were demanding withdraw
  • Congress were refusing to give any more money to this war

5. How did he escalate the war?

  • being a stupid candidate and Golf of Tokin Resolution
  • being a peaceful candidate and Golf of Tokin Resolution
  • Being a peaceful candidate and Golf of Tokin Resolution


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