Gulf War 2 and Islamic Fundamentalism - 1998-2003

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1. What do the USA set up which demobilised Saddam's army, leaving 350,000 men with no job but weapons?

  • Coalition Provisional Authority
  • Coalition Protection Authority
  • Coalition Preservation Authority
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2. Who supports fundamentalists in Afghanistan in 1978-1989?

  • USA and UK
  • UK and France
  • UK and USSR

3. Why did the revolution in Iran surprise the world?

  • It was a very large country
  • It was a non-Arab country
  • It was a Sunni country

4. Which 3 countries of the 4 in UNESCO don't want to invade?

  • France, Russia and China
  • China, France and Japan
  • Russia, British and China

5. Why is there little resistance to the invasion?

  • People don't think the USA will win
  • People are not prepared to risk their lives to save Saddam
  • People are in strong support of the USA


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