Group 1-alkali Metals

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1. as you move down the laments, they get more reactive, what is evidence to show this?

  • looking at the number of electrons
  • looking at its bonds
  • time it takes for each elemnt to react compelty with the water and disappear
  • looking at the atomic number
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2. when group 1 metals are put in water, hat do they form?

  • hydroxides
  • alkaline mix
  • alkaline soloutions
  • alkali metals

3. why are group 1 known as alkali metals?

  • becasue they are soft and have high melting points
  • becasue hydroxides form alkaline solutions
  • becasue they are soft and have low boiling points
  • becasue alkaline metals producce alkaline gasses

4. why are group 1 metals different to other metals?

  • they don treact with acid
  • soft and low boiling points
  • soft and low melting points
  • they react with acid better

5. what are the metals in group 1 called?

  • Alkali metals
  • halogens
  • noble gases
  • meep


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