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2. Green crime is defined as...

  • Crime that may harm leaves.
  • Crime against members of Green political parties.
  • Crime against the environment.
  • Crime against flowers only.

3. The view that 'assumes that humans have the right to dominate nature for their own gains and that economic growth is put before the environment' is...

  • Anthropocentric
  • Humanocentric
  • The dominating view
  • Survival of the fittest theory

4. Green criminologists argue that the powerful view/define what is environmentally harmful, in order to benefit themselves. This viewpoint is similar to what other group of theorists?

  • Feminists
  • Subcultural Theorists
  • Marxists
  • Functionalists

5. Green criminologists (White 2008) state that a crime is any action that harms the environmentand/or the human and non-human animals within it, even if no laws are broken.

  • True
  • False


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