Green Crime

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1. Traditional criminologists argue that an action is only a crime when...

  • A person has broken the law.
  • Traditional members of society say it is.
  • A person discriminates the environment.
  • The media say it is.
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2. Situ and Emmons (2000) define environmental crime as...

  • A way in which people rebel.
  • Harmless and based on a person's opinion.
  • An unauthorised act that violates the law.
  • Any action that puts the environment at risk.

3. 'Society is a global risk society. An increase in technology generates manufactured risks that can harm the environment/cause global warming' - who argued this point?

  • South (2008)
  • White (2008)
  • Beck (1992)
  • Becker (1932)

4. A criticism of traditional criminology is that it can accept environmental crime definitions from corporations, who define these to serve their own interests.

  • True
  • False

5. White (2008) has two views of harm:

  • Race and Interdependency
  • Anthropocentric and Ecocentic
  • Ethnocentric and Environmocentric
  • Humanocentric and Ecocentric


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