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2. Why is a high atom economy desirable

  • Less waste products are created
  • It uses less energy
  • Less waste is used
  • More waste products are created

3. 3 processes of a catalytic converter

  • None of the above
  • Diffuse, adsorb, desorb
  • Diffusion, adsorption, desorption
  • Desorb, diffuse, adsorb

4. What are the three main greenhouse gasses?

  • SO4, NOx, CO2
  • CO2, water vapour, CH4
  • CH4, C2h8, H2O
  • CO2, CO, CH4

5. Why is the ozone layer good?

  • It makes sure CO2 gets used up
  • Is absorbs infrared radiation
  • It absorbs UV radiation
  • It traps heat in the lower atmosphere


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