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2. What are the three stages of CFCs being broken down by UV radiation

  • Initiate, propergate, terminate
  • Initiation, propagation, termination
  • Initation, propergation, termination
  • Initiation, propergation, terminator

3. 3 processes of a catalytic converter

  • Desorb, diffuse, adsorb
  • Diffusion, adsorption, desorption
  • Diffuse, adsorb, desorb
  • None of the above

4. What is the greenhouse effect?

  • The process in which infrared radiation is trapped in the atmosphere
  • The absorption and emission of infrared radiation by gasses in the atmosphere warms the earth's surface
  • The rate at which the polar ice caps melt
  • The warming of the earth

5. What does global warming lead to?

  • Rivers overflowing, the earth dying, substitution
  • Animals dying, Irish men, Poodles
  • Rise in sea levels, increased and more violent storms, flooding
  • Less water, hotter summers, hotter drummers


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