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2. What are the three main greenhouse gasses?

  • CO2, CO, CH4
  • CO2, water vapour, CH4
  • SO4, NOx, CO2
  • CH4, C2h8, H2O

3. What are the three stages of CFCs being broken down by UV radiation

  • Initiate, propergate, terminate
  • Initiation, propergation, terminator
  • Initiation, propagation, termination
  • Initation, propergation, termination

4. 2 forms of CCS

  • Turning CO2 into Rock by reacting it with metal oxides, piping CO2 into empty oil fields
  • Turning CO2 into rock by reacting it with metal oxides, hiding it underground
  • Turning it into chalk, hiding it underground
  • Putting it into empty oil fields, hiding under the sea

5. What was the name of the most successful global environmental agreements ever to have been signed?

  • The Montreel Protocol
  • The Montreal Protocol
  • The Mona Lisa
  • The Monteal Protocol


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