Greek Mythology

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1. What is the story of Medea

  • Many interpretations, the most common, Jason leaves Medea to marry Ariadne so she poisons her and her children with a wedding cloak
  • Many interpretations, in Euripides' Medea she is the wife of Jason who kills children after Jason leaves her to marry Glauce, King Creon of Corinth's daughter, she kills Glauce and Creon too then flees to Athens
  • Many interpretations, In Hesiods' Works and Days she is the ex wife of Jason who left her for Glauce, she kills Creon, King of Corinth and his daughter Glauce after Glauce murders her children
  • Many interpretations, In Hesiod's Theogony she is the wife of Jason who murders Glauce and Creon, King of Corinth because Jason leaves her to marry Glauce, she then flees to Athens with her children
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2. What sources do we have for the story of Dionysis?

  • The Bacchae by Euripides
  • The Dionysia by Sophocles
  • The Bacchae by Bacchylides
  • The Bacchae by Aeschylus

3. What source do we have for the story of Oedipus?

  • Epic Poem By Sophocles called King Oedipus
  • Tragedy by Euripides called Oedipus, The King
  • Tragedy by Sophocles called Oedipus, The King
  • Lyric Poem by Aeschylus called King Oedipus

4. What is the story of Tantalus and Pelops?

  • Tantalus murdered by Pelops for sacrificing sister then faces furies and a trial at Athens
  • Pelops, son of Poseidon is murdered by Tantalus, his brother
  • Tantalus cooked his son, pelops, and served him to the gods, Tantalus punished in Mt. Tarttarus and Pelops brought back to life by fates
  • Tantalus told by oracle his son, Pelops, would murder him so cast him off, ends up killing him anyway and marrying his mother

5. What source is there for the story of Agamemnon and Clymenestra?

  • The Oresteia by Euripides
  • The Oresteia by Aeschylus
  • The Orestes by Aechylus
  • The Orestes by Euripides


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