Greek Mythology

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1. What source is there for the story of Persephone and Demeter?

  • Lyric Poem, Homeric Hymn to Demeter
  • Tragedy, A Hymn to Demeter
  • Epic Poetry, Homeric Hymn to Demeter
  • Ode 5, Hymn to Demeter
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2. What is the story of Oedipus?

  • King of Thebes, kills his mother for killing his father, Apollo causes a plague in Thebes to punish him, he blinds himself
  • King of Corinth, marries his mother unknowingly after his father is killed by plague
  • King of Thebes, plague caused by Apollo punishing impiety, makes him realise he unknowingly killed his father and married his mother, mother commits suicide and he blinds himself
  • King of Athens, persuaded by Apollo to kill his mother after she killed his father, then pursued by furies and trial at Athens

3. What source do we have for the story of Pandora?

  • Eurpides' Greek Women
  • Hesiod's Epic Poem, Pandora
  • Hesiod's Epic Poem,Theogony
  • Bacchylides' Ode 3

4. What is the story of Herakles?

  • Son of Zeus and Amphitryon, whilst in the underworld fulfilling 12 labors, Amphitryon and wife, Megara and sentenced to death in Thebes, saves them but then iris and madness (personified) cause him to kill his wife and children in a frenzy
  • Son of Zeus, whilst in underworld fulfilling 12 labors, wife, Megara is sentenced to death in Athens, saves her but then in a frenzy caused by Apollo he kills her
  • Son of Zeus and Amphitryon, Whilst killing Nemean Lion to fulfilling 12 labors, father and wife, Megara sentenced to die in Thebes, save them but is then sent mad by Iris and madness (personified) and kill his father and wife
  • Son of Zeus, whilst in underoworld fulfilling 12 labors, wife and children condemned to death in Thebes, saves them but then murdered anyway in their sleep

5. What is the story of Pandora?

  • Made from clay to punish Prometheus for giving fire to men, opened a pithos jar to unleash evil spirits to plague mankind
  • Made from the earth, married Prometheus then unleashed evil spirits from a box to plague mankind to punish Prometheus for giving fire to men
  • Made by Zeus to punish Prometheus for unleashing evil spirits to plague mankind, she marries his brother and curses him
  • Made by Zeus to create a box which once opened would create a plague to wipe out mankind, Prometheus stole it and gave it to men to hide


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