Greek Historical Sources- HERODOTUS

484-425BC (there-abouts)
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Place of Birth...?
Halicarnassus- Greece (mod. Turkey)
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Known for...?
Histories- "Inquiries"
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Father of History / Father of Lies
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What date did he write to...?
479BC (regarding Sparta)
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Mainly Writes About...?
Greco-Persian Wars (490-475 (-449 for Athens))
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Relied on...?
Witnesses, therefore unreliable and fragmented accounts.
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Wanted to emulate...?
Epic poems, i.e. Homer's work. Emphasis on personality- so lacks bigger picture.
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To where did he travel...?
A large part of the Persian Empire, Thrace, Macedonia, Egypt, along shores of Black Sea. Perhaps more reliable...
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He thought it was his duty to...?
Report what was said. But not all fact (unreliable witnesses).
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He only spoke...?
Greek- some things lost in translation.
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Criticized for...?
Being a 'Barbophile'. Talks of Sparta as being non-Greek, as though everything is different.
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Distinctly pro-Athenian. Possibly given Athenian patronage, and recited work in Athens for money.
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During Persian wars, focused on...?
Athenian triumph, often at expense of Spartan actions.
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Favourable treatment of...?
Athenian allies: Thessaly and Argos
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Critical of...?
Spartan allies: Corinth and Thebes
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He lacks what knowledge...?
Military and strategic- insufficient when looking at Sparta tactically.
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Accepts what wholeheartedly...?
Divine/Supernatural Intervention. Will not look for historical reasoning, esp. for Dreams and Oracles.
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Sum up. Criticized with...?
Bias, inaccuracy, plagarism, wrote fanciful narrative that can only be backed up with Archeology.
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Place of Birth...?


Halicarnassus- Greece (mod. Turkey)

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Known for...?


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A good source. Quite difficult, I don't think this level of information is required for the exam but it's certainly very interesting.

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