Greco-Persian wars

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Ships to Ionia
Athens 20, Eretria 5
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Aristagoras, Miletus
Aristagoras stayed in Miletus for safety purposes
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Aristagoras, forces
Aristagoras ordered his forces, the Athenians and Eritreans to march to Sardis with the Ephesians to attack the Persians in the city, couldn't capture the acropolis or agora
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Greeks, Cybebe
The temple dedicated to the Lydian Goddess is burnt down by the Greeks in Sardis
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Artaphrenes, Lydians
Artaphrenes readies his troops for a counter attack and the Lydians join them
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Counter forces growing too strong
The Ionians and Athenians return to the coast as the Persian counter forces are growing stronger
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Artaphrenes, Ephesus
The Persians head to Ephesus knowing the rebellion might spread, Persians from around Sardis join the counter attack and defeat the Greeks
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Athenians, Aristagoras
The Athenians sail home after being defeated and Aristagoras asks the Athenians for help but they decline
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Ionians, Hellespont, Darius
The Ionians sail to the Hellespont and Byzantium to spread the revolt and made the Carians their allies. Darius was angry at the Athenians for getting involved with the revolt and made a servant repeat master remember the Athenians before every meal
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The rebellion moved to Cyprus because of the actions of Onesilos who captured Samos from Gorgos and spread the rebellion
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Ionian council
The Ionian council meet and decide to send a fleet to the rebels on Cyprus
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In Cyprus the Ionians win a naval battle against the Phoenicians
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Shield bearer
Before the land battle a Carian shield bearer advises Onesilos to attack the Persian general as it matches his status but in the battle the shield bearer killed the Persian general by killing his horse
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Ionians betrayed
The Ionians are betrayed when the Cyprian tyrant of Kourian joined the Persians and others joined him. The Cyprians are defeated and Onsilos was killed
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Aristagoras, Miletus


Aristagoras stayed in Miletus for safety purposes

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Aristagoras, forces


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Greeks, Cybebe


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Artaphrenes, Lydians


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