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2. Where is the Great Barrier Reef?

  • Between New Zealand and Australia
  • North east coast of Australia
  • North west coast of Australia
  • South east coast of Australia

3. What would happen if tourism was unsustainable?

  • The money generated would stay level.
  • It would begin to struggle, but it would continue as people would still want to visit even when it is no longer beautiful.
  • It would destroy the reef, essentially self-destructing the tourism market as people would no longer visit.
  • Tourism would remain being the largest commercial activity for the Reef.

4. What other examples could I use for Sustainable Tourism?

  • Galapagos Islands are 90% national parkland to provide protection to many species that only inhabit on these islands
  • All of these
  • The High Atlas Mountains, Morocco- Local people built restored a hotel with traditional techniques.
  • Cuba has been blocked by the USA from trade and tourism. Therefore, areas left generally untouched and beautiful. This blockade has been lifted in 2015. The WWF is worried that areas will be destroyed as people visit for the 'sun and sand' holidays.

5. What was established in 2003?

  • Tourism observational records. Their data was added to official data collection about coral bleaching.
  • Reef Zoning. Meant areas most sensitive were protected.
  • Fishing quotas. Stopped overfishing and in doing so protected species.


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