Great Barrier Reef- Globalisation

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1. What important natural feature has been destroyed?

  • The once largest seagrass area in the world- 25,000km long
  • Mangrove forests which act as a natural sea defence
  • The prominent sea stack which was once a national monument
  • The traditional fishing harbour in Cairns.
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2. Tourism negatively effects one local population particularly- who?

  • The local indigenous people- they fish and have ceremonial activities on the reef.
  • The fishing industry- its more economically viable to complete boat trips than fish.
  • The local shopkeepers- they cannot keep up with the amount of business they get.
  • The residents- the roads are filled with congestion all year round.

3. How is fishing strictly regulated?

  • All of these.
  • There is not a limit on boats, instead each has a quota of what they can catch.
  • They have to obtain permits, which are limited.
  • They can only catch fish more than 10cm long.

4. Who is the key organisation the GBRMPA work with?

  • Queensland Tourist Board
  • Queensland Water and Ocean Management Service
  • Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
  • Western Australia Wildlife Management

5. Access increased, and so tourism rapidly increased. How much did it increase by every year in the 80s?

  • 500,000 more visitors
  • 30%
  • 25%
  • 36%


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