Great Barrier Reef- Globalisation

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1. What would happen if tourism was unsustainable?

  • The money generated would stay level.
  • It would destroy the reef, essentially self-destructing the tourism market as people would no longer visit.
  • Tourism would remain being the largest commercial activity for the Reef.
  • It would begin to struggle, but it would continue as people would still want to visit even when it is no longer beautiful.
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2. How are the coral reefs damaged?

  • Waste and litter
  • Divers stepping on coral, and breaking it off
  • All of these
  • Boat pollution and anchors

3. What important natural feature has been destroyed?

  • Mangrove forests which act as a natural sea defence
  • The traditional fishing harbour in Cairns.
  • The prominent sea stack which was once a national monument
  • The once largest seagrass area in the world- 25,000km long

4. Tourism accounts for what % of the reef's economic output?

  • 87%
  • 65%
  • 90%
  • 77%

5. What was established in 2003?

  • Fishing quotas. Stopped overfishing and in doing so protected species.
  • Tourism observational records. Their data was added to official data collection about coral bleaching.
  • Reef Zoning. Meant areas most sensitive were protected.


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