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allignment of text
where the text is positioned within a column
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data relating to measurements of the human body
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a designer who designs buildings
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batch production
a limited number of products being produced at any one time
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organic substances which are broken down naturally over a period of time
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blow moulding
air is blown into a mould, to force plastic to the sides of a mould; to create a hollow product
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brand name
name of a product a company has produced
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carbon fibre
a very strong, light, carbonized acrylic thread, which is used to reinforce resins, metals and ceramics, making turbine blades
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clic rivets
two plastic rivets which hold two sheets of material together and 'clic' into place
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colour separation
a method of separating out four process colours, prior to printing
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comb binding
a method used to bind pages together into a book. this method uses round plastic spines with rings which go through rectangular holes
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complementary colours
opposite colours on a colour wheel, which go well together
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compression moulding
a hydraulic press applies a downward force to create a shape from material
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construction lines
fine drawing lines which help to work as a grid on a drawing
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when one colour stands out against another e.g. light against dark
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the legal right of companies to control the use and reproduction of their original works
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corporate identity
commercial logo which representts what the company is all about
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two flat layers of outer material and inner fluted material
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control of substances hazardous to health
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crash lock
a net of a box, which is folded and assembled by the base folding out and locking into an open position
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construction lines forming a box to help sketch a 3D object
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creasing bar
a metal bar on a machine whichcreates a fold in the material (mostly card)
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societies, traditions and customs of people
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die cutter
metal cutter, like a pastry cutter, that cuts the outline of a shape e.g. net of a box
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a measurement of something in one or more directions such as length, width, or height
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anyalysing each part of a product
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a measure of the human demand on the earths natural resources
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a plan, side, or front view on a drawing
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a shape representing an oval
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raises or indents selected areas of a design
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a water-based paint that usually has matt-finish
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to enclose something completely in two layers of plastic film
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our surroundings; all the external factors influencing the life and activities of people, plants and animals
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a computer system that scans bar codes
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application of scientific information to the design of objects, systems and the environment, for human use
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exhibiton designer
designs displays for a company to promote their products
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data relating to measurements of the human body



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a designer who designs buildings


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a limited number of products being produced at any one time


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organic substances which are broken down naturally over a period of time


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