Graphics - Materials and Components

Cartridge Paper
Textured surface - ideal for sketching with pencils, crayons, pastels, gouache, inks and watercolours.
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Layout Paper
Thin, translucent - for general design work
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Bleed-Proof Paper
Used when drawing with felt tips and marker pens
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Tracing Paper
Translucent - used to copy images
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Solid White Board
High quality bleached surface, ideal for printing. Used for primary packaging (packaging for one item)
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Mount Board
Used to mount drawings and photos
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Corrugated Board
Used in secondary packaging (packaging lots of the same item). Made up of fluted inner core sandwiched between two layers
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Duplex Board
Different colour and texture on each side, used when only one side is seen. Unbleached so great for food packaging
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Grey Board
Rigid, easy to cover with paper so graphics can be printed. Found in game boards, hardback books, ring binders and covered boxes
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Properties of Board and Paper
Recyclable, made from wood pulp, sustainable material, biodegradable
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Laminating Paper with Aluminium
Used to package food, keeps flavours in and air out, print graphics onto paper
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Laminating Paper with Polythene
Makes it waterproof so is used for things like paper cups
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Laminating Paper with Polystyrene
Makes foam core board, stiff, lightweight, used for mounting posters and making models
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Spiral Wound Tube
Made from paper and held by glue. Light but strong. Often given a smooth finish (covered in thin paper sheet which is easy to print on) Used for fireworks, toilet rolls and snack containers.
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Flexible, easy to print on, sustainable as made mostly from wood, hard, shiny, transparent or translucent. Used in thin sheets for overhead projector and packaging products that need to be seen.
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Polypropylene (PP)
Quite strong, tough, flexible. Used for packaging, chairs, textiles and car parts
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High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
Rigid, variety of colours and thicknesses, fairly cheap. Used for making boxes for products and for vacuum forming
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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Cheap, durable, easy to print on, quite brittle. Used for blister packs, vinyl records and insultaion
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Corrugated Plastic Sheet
Lightweight, rigid, weatherproof. Can be bent into shapes. Used for estate agents signs, students folders and outside cases of electronic items.
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Expanded Polystyrene Foam
Lightweight and can be shaped with a knife, can be crumbly or have a dense structure
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Machining Foam
Compact, work on it with machine tools, can make detailed pieces that can be painted.
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Modern Materials
Renewable materials, biodegradable, sustainable. Made from plants (potatopak, paper foam, cornstarch polymers)
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Cornstarch Polymer
Made from maize, clear, flexible, used for sandwich packaging
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Made from dried potato starch that's baked inside moulds, fairly rigid, lightweight, good for making plates and trays
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Paper Foam
Composite of potato starch and paper fibres, lightweight and printable, used for mobile phone packaging
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SMART Materials
Change their properties in response to heat, light, pressure or something else (depending on material) Often change back to original state when the reactant is taken away.
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Precious Metal Clay
Easy to work wit. Once heated, the binder burns away and the metal fuses to create a solid metal object. You can solder and polish it also,
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Plaster Filler
Powder that you mix with water into thick paste. Improves surface of foam models by filling in small cracks
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Water based and acrylic paints take less time to dry. Pigment (colour) and vehicle (solvent carries the pigment)
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Spirit Varnish
Solvent evaporates to leave a thin protective layer of transparent garnish
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Using heat to sandwich paper between two layers of plastic
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Different hardness and blackness, range of colours. HB for sketching. 2H for technical drawings
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Pigments suspended in water. Good for colour infilling, background washes and writing
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Chalk Pastels
For backgrounds or to add tone and shading. Use finger to blend.
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Opaque paint, for flat areas of colour or for adding highlights
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Dry Transfer Lettering
Applied with pressure from a waxed translucent sheet onto drawings
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Blows mist of ink from a reservoir using compressed air.
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Fine liners
Variety of thicknesses and colours, for drawing fine lines and outlining
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Hundreds of different tones, great for thick lines, different tips
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Glue Sticks
Non toxic, cheap, clear when dry, environmentally friendly, bond paper and card
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Rubber-Based Cement
Apply to both surfaces of paper or card, repositioning is possible
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Glue Pens
Liquid, messy, bonds paper and card, clear when dry
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SprayMount, mounting photos onto paper or card, makes repositioning possible
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Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA)
Water based, bond wood, good for paper and card but takes a while to dry
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Balsa Cement
Sticking balsa wood, clear when dry
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Glue Guns
Quickly bond materials like wood, fabric and card, use low melt plastic that will burn you
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Acrylic Cement
Used for plastics, gives off harmful fumes
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Masking tape
Low tack, easy to remove, used to mask areas when using pastels or markers
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Double Sided Tape
Used to stick card models, hard to remove
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Adhesive Plastic Film
Cover and protect large or awakardly shaped card and paper models
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Cut paper and thin card, not good for detail
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Surgical Scalpels
Very sharp for precision cutting paper or card
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Guillotines and Rotary Cutters
Cut large sheets of paper and card or many sheets at a time, cut in a straight line
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Die Cutters
Used to cut out materials for packaging.
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Hot-wire Cutter
Cut stytrofoam
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Double Sided Sticky Pads
Stick things together quickly
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Ratchet Rivets
Join sheets of corrugated plastic together
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Snap Rivets
Plastic clips used to join sheet material like plastic
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Comb Binding
Punch holes in the sheets using a special machine, then put plastic comb in. Bound book opens flat and can add/remove pages without damge
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Spiral Binding
Plastic coil is inserted down the spine
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Wiro Binding
Same as spiral binding but uses a double loop wire
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Saddle Stitching
Double sized pages are folded and stapled together at the centre. Easy and cheap but doesn't hold many sheets
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Perfect Binding
Pages are folded together in sections, roughened at fold then glued to spine, bind lots of sheets, book doesn't open flat
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Thread Sewing
Expensive, pages are sewn together, then soft cover glued on, pages less likely to come loose
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Thread sewn but with hardcover
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Card 2


Thin, translucent - for general design work


Layout Paper

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Used when drawing with felt tips and marker pens


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Card 4


Translucent - used to copy images


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Card 5


High quality bleached surface, ideal for printing. Used for primary packaging (packaging for one item)


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