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Types of cartonboard include...
1) Solid bleached board 2) Solid unbleached board 3) Folding blockboard 4) White lined chipboard
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Uses of solid bleached board...
Perfume and chocolate boxes
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Advantage of solid bleached board...
High quality printing surface
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Uses of solid unbleached board...
Drinks cups
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Advantage of solid unbleached board...
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Uses of folding blockboard...
Toy/games boxes
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Advantage of folding blockboard...
Can be creased
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Uses of white lined chipboard...
Detergent powder boxes
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Advantage of white lined chipboard...
Recycled, avoids moisture loss
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Additional coatings that can be applied to cartonboard include...
1) Aluminium foil, Plastic, Greaseproof coating, Wax coating
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What does aluminium foil do?
Insulates & acts as a bacterial barrier, e.g. Capri Sun
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What does plastic do?
Waterproofing, e.g. Ribena
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Example of greasproof coating...
Baking cups for cupcakes
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What does a wax coating do?
Waterproofing, e.g. takeaway coffee cup
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Perfume and chocolate boxes


Uses of solid bleached board...

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High quality printing surface


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Drinks cups


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