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Form of questions
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A statement
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Exclamation mark
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Attributive adjective
Gives an object a quality (fashionable outfit)
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A command
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Evalulative Adjective
Opinion of noun (Happy kid)
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Comparative Adjective
End in -er (nicer)
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Superlative Adjective
End in -est (nicest)
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Abstract Noun
Emotions (fear)
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Personal Pronoun
I, You, We, Us
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Reflexive Pronoun
Yourself, Myself
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Possessive Pronoun
Mine, yours, theirs
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Modal Verbs
Obligation, permission, possibility, prediction, possibility (will,may,could,must)
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Adverb of Manner
How something is done (Quickly, nervously)
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Adverb of Time
When something is done (today, tomorrow)
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Adverb of Place
Where the object is (downstairs, upstairs)
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Adverb of Frequency
How often something is done (weekly, daily)
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Past tense
-ed Inflection
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Present tense
-ing inflection
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Future tense
Am going to
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Active Voice
Subject appears at the start of the sentence (I played the xbox)
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Passive Voice
Subject appears at the end (The xbox was played by me)
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Synthetic Personalisation
Qualities of readers are predicted and language is adapted to it
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Semantic Field
Semantic field of football, gaming, racism
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A statement



Card 3


Exclamation mark


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Card 4


Gives an object a quality (fashionable outfit)


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Card 5


A command


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