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2. STV stands for....

  • Single Transferrable Vote
  • Single Transactional Vote
  • Standard Tranferable Vote
  • Seven Tiny Vikings

3. The closed party list system is used in the European Elections, but a disadvantage is that....

  • It is majoritarian.
  • it creates doubt to the status of the 'top up' members legitmacy.
  • It allows extemist parties to gain more seats. UKIP gained 12 in 2004.
  • It creates gerrymandering.

4. The Greater London assembly is elected by ....

  • Party List System
  • AMS
  • STV
  • AV

5. An advantage of first past the post is....

  • the winning party has a clear mandate and there are no undemocratic coalitions.
  • second preferences are counted.
  • there are no wasted votes.
  • it is fair to smaller parties.


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