Gothic History - Richard Adelman

'Gothic' was originally a racial term
coined when Germans/Scandinavians brought down Roman empire
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In Renaissance it became an art term, to mean:
anything pre-Roman
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Then referred to non-classical...
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Then the Medieval
the barbaric, uncivilised
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It is impossible and attractive and other
because it cannot be imagined in modern, civilised society
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First to use it as a literary term was...
Lord Shaftsbury
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The Essay on Man - Alexander Pope
"the world is rational as long as we look at it in the right way"
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The Gothic takes a
'nighttime' vision of things
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The world is more troubling to those who aren't merely...
white, gentry men
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British spy fantasy =
one man solving everything; salvaged losing empire
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No consensus of ideology in the gothic genre
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Frankenstein - ambivalence of Gothic genre
novel is never sure of what its monster represents
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Hubris in creating the monster self-known
"How can I describe my emotions?"
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The opposite to Popean daylight
"my candle was nearly burned out"
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It harnesses the energy of night
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Frankenstein experiences nature in a social and moral way
the monster is more human than Frankenstein
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Frankenstein is more morally disfigured
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Are Frankenstein and the monster kindred spirits?
since they share similar faults
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The monster is spontaneously
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Franco Moretti
There are two types of vodka
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passive, zombie-like, losing humanity in capitalism (Dracula)
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not a full way of thinking about capitalism - both monsters problematic
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In Renaissance it became an art term, to mean:


anything pre-Roman

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Then referred to non-classical...


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Then the Medieval


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It is impossible and attractive and other


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