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2. Give two ways a christian might want to solve a moral problem.

  • He would pray to God who would kill him.
  • He might pray and forgive.
  • He would find the offender and kill him.

3. What is sin?

  • An act of proving you are following the 10 commandments.
  • An immoral act considered to be wrong in the eyes of God.
  • An act that will make god pleased.

4. What are the 5 aims of punishment?

  • Protection, retribution, detterence, reform, vindication, reparation
  • retribution, confrontation, vindication, violation
  • protection, attraction, vengeance, retribution
  • just because you can

5. Give two christian beliefs about the devil.

  • One day he will love god again and be forgiven.
  • He loved Jesus but hates God
  • It is a fallen angel of God and is can take different forms.
  • It is a saint who has become an angel.


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