Good and Evil question a & b

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1. What is natural evil?

  • Evil that occurs because Satan does not like humans
  • Evil that occurs that humans can control.
  • Evil that occurs in the world without human intervention.
  • Evil that occurs due to human mistakes
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2. What is moral evil?

  • Evil that is only happening because Adam and Eve were bad.
  • Evil that occurs in the world due to human mistakes.
  • Evil that occurs in the world without human intervention.

3. what is meant by evil?

  • something that is not good but can be forgiven
  • Something that is immoral or wicked.
  • something that is against god

4. Give two examples of moral evil?

  • Murder and theft.
  • hurricanes and earthquakes
  • hugs and cuddles
  • this doesn't exist

5. Give two christian beliefs about the devil.

  • One day he will love god again and be forgiven.
  • It is a fallen angel of God and is can take different forms.
  • It is a saint who has become an angel.
  • He loved Jesus but hates God


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