Good and Evil

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What is evil?
Something that is morally wrong.
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What is good?
Something that is morally right.
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What is 'The Fall'?
When adam and even gave into temptation and evil was entered into the world.
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What is Free will?
The idea that humans/animals have the ability to do what they choose.
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What is the definition of the devil/satan?
A personified evil we have no control over.
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What is Moral Evil?
An intentional action of cruelty bought to the world by a person.
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What is natural evil?
A suffering caused by an uncontrollable situation within the world.
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Example of moral evil?
Holocaust, murder, torture.
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Example of natural evil?
Floods, earthquakes, disease, tsunamis.
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What are some characteristics of the devil?
Red, evil, horns, hell, sly, snake, shapeshifter.
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What is the quote from Lucifer about 'beating' God?
'I will make myself the most high'
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Describe the story of Lucifer?
He was an arc angel and angels were given free will so they could fall in love, however lucifer was jealous of God because he wasnt as great and this jealousy turned him into a dragon.
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What are the three example of why suffering happens in the story of Job?
A test, he had deeply sinned and what happens, happens but we cannot understand.
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What was the purpose of making Job suffer?
To see if the devil was able to stop Job believing in his faith.
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Why would some Christians say evil is present?
Due to human kind because of our free will. Tests from God. Evil is a part of gods plan but we cannot comprehend because he is omniscient.
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If there wasnt suffering in the world what would Christian's not be able to appreciate?(in their opinion)
Happiness and goodness.
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How do Christians cope with suffering?
Intercessory prayer (praying for someone who is suffering) Accepting it is part of God's plan and Charities such as Christian Aid help with suffering.
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What is the quote by St Augustine that is seen as the rock of Atheism?
'Either God cannot abolish evil or he will not. If he cannot then he is not omnipotent and if he will not then he is not omnibenevolent'
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What is the original sin?
The idea that each person was born with a flawed nature due to The Fall which excludes us from heaven unless reconciled with God.
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What can evil lead to? in terms on religion
Loss or questioning of faith.
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When Christians struggle and suffer who they say they feel closer to?
Jesus as he suffered and died for them.
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Where do Christians look for moral guidance?
The Bible, Teachers (Preists etc) and their conscience.
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What is a quote which shows you treat people how you want to be treated?
'Love your neighbor as yourself' Mark
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Why do lots of Christians go against Evil because of God?
God is all loving and therefore doesnt promote the idea of evil.
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Jesus set an example of self sacrifice when? AND how does this affect Christians and their suffering?
He suffered on the cross and this makes Christians more likely to endure suffering as they should follow Jesus.
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What is a moral code?
A list of what someone believes to be right and wrong.
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Some people say that the voice in your head known as a conscience is also....
The voice of God.
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What modern day song suggests the idea that suffering can only make you a better person?
Kelly Clarkson - what doesnt kill you makes you stronger
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What poem teaches Christians that in times of need God is always there?
Footprints in the sand
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Where do people learn morality from?
Culture, friends, family, faith, media, school, experiences.
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What miracle shows Jesus as charitable and GOOD person?
Feeding the 5000.
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What is the definition of conscience?
An inner feeling of rightness or wrongness of an action.
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Something that is morally right.

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