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por consiguiente
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on the other hand
por otro lado
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in addition
por anadidura
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sin embargo
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por desgracia
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From my way of seeing
De mi modo der ver
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it seems to me that
a mi me parece que
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From my point of vue
de mi punto de ver
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Its not an opinion that i share
no es un opinion que comparto yo
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on the other hand
por otro lado
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you have to bear in mind that
hay que tener en cuenta que
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its worth considering that
vale considerar que
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lets tackle another aspect
vamos a abordar otro aspecto
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what is certain is that
lo cierto es que
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theres no doubt that
no cabe duda de que
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in fact id say that
en efecto yo diria que
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i want to make it really clear that
i want to make itvery clear that
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one has to ensure that
hay que asegurar que
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its inntolerable that
es insoportable que
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it worries me alot that
me preocupa bastanta que
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lets turn the argument on its head
pongamos el argumento patas arriba
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bearing in mind all the points of view
teniendo en cuenta todos los puntos de vista
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we can deduce that
podemos deducir que
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i wish i could conclude that
ojala pudiera concluir diciendo que
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there is no other valid conclusion
no hay otra conclusion que valga
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