Gold Rush (Forty-Niners)

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When and who discovered gold?
James Marshell and 1848
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Where was gold discovered?
The Sierra foothills
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Name 3 things people would have suffered on the boat to California
Storms, seasickness, stale water and food for 10-12 weeks
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Why did 5000 people die on their jounrney to California by foot?
From cholera
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How much, on average, would a person make a day?
$3 not $1000
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How would they search for gold at the beggining?
By searching through the dry beds with spoons and knives
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How did they develop the search for gold?
After the spoons and knives, they would use washing pans and then a cradle.
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How did washing pans help their search for gold?
The pan was pushed into the stream and the water took away the light gravel and leave behind the gold.
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How did the cradle work?
Dirt was pushed in one end and water was poured in. It was then rocked until the dirt was gone and the gold stayed.
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What health problems were common in the mining towns?
Scurvy, diarrhoea, dystentry, malaria
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Was gambling and alcohol allowed?
Drinking and gambling was very common. 1853 there were 537 saloons and most of their money was spent on alcohol and prostitues.
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Where else was gold discovered?
Colorado, Rockies, Nevada, Montana, Oregon, Arizona and Dakota
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How was the law organised?
People made their own rules, chairmen and officers were chosen, had a mining code, Sherrif dealt with law breakers.
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What were the common punishments?
Floggin (whipping), banishment, hanging
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Who decided on the punishment?
Court of all miners
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Were the miners racist?
Yes, they banned mexicans, the Chinese were killed and harrassed, Indians were slaughtered and they refused to work with black people
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The Sierra foothills


Where was gold discovered?

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Storms, seasickness, stale water and food for 10-12 weeks


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From cholera


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$3 not $1000


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