Gods Eternity

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What does it mean to say that God is eternal?
It means that he exists outside of time. God has no beginning and no end, but time does pass for God.
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What does Anselm believe?
He believes that nothing can contain God.
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The Bible suggests that God has always existed.
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God isn't a physical being like us.
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God is the creator of the universe
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God is the ultimate cause of why things exist and why there is change in the universe.
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God is perfect and hence isn't subject to time because time passing implies imperfection
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God is perfect and exists necessarily.
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What does Boethius think?
Believes that God is changeless and doesn't change in time. Gods life is limitless. There is no past, present and future for God.
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What does Aquinas think?
He believes that God exists unendingly. God must exist outside of time because time consists of parts. God sees everything in one glance. Time doesn't pass for God.
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What are the criticisms of Gods Eternity?
God knowing all time simultaneously is incoherent. How can God be personal and still act in creation? God is not a person. How can God love his people and respond to them (prayers).
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What does Anselm believe?


He believes that nothing can contain God.

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