Gods and Fate

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Book 6, tragic inevitability
'They mourned for Hector in his own house though he was still alive'
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Book 6, Hector
'No one is going to send me down to Hades before my time'
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Book 18, Thetis lamenting over Achilles
'Doomed to die immediately after Hector
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Book 18, Achilles helped my Athene
'Golden cloud of light around his head'
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Book 18, Thetis supplicates Hephaistos
'Provide him with a magnificent set of armour, which will be the wonder to everyone who sees it'
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Book 22, Apollo to Achilles
'You are a man, and I am an immortal god...naturally I am not marked for death'
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Book 22, Achilles to Apollo (shows hubris)
'most malevolent of all the gods'
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Book 22, doom
'The beam came down to Hector's side, spelling him doom'
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Book 22, Hector's abandonment
'Phoebus Apollo deserted him'
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Book 22, fate
'Suffering will be the lot of Astyanax
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Book 24, Hector's death
'The gods looked on and took pity on him'
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Book 24, Apollo
'You are cruel, you gods, creatures of mischief! Did Hector never burn for you the thigh bones of oxen and goats without blemish?'
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Book 24, Zeus
'I intend to grant Achilles glory and in that way preserve your future respect and goodwill'
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Book 24, Priam
'If the Olympian is in earnest and himself commands me'
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Book 24, Hermes (disguised)
'his flesh is not decaying...he cannot disfigure him....such is the care the blessed gods have for your son'
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Book 24, Achilles
'We men are wretched creatures and the gods have woven grief into our lives: but they themselves are free from care'
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Aeneid Book 1, on Juno
'There still rankled deep in her heart the judgement of Paris'
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Book 1, Jupiter to Venus
'wars will be laid aside and years of bitterness will be over'
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Book 1, Venus to Cupid
'inflame the heart of the Queen'
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Book 2, Aeneas
'if the minds of the gods had not been set against us'
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Book 2, Creusa
'If the gods had wished me to go on living, they would have preserved this place for me'
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Book 4, Juno to Venus
'So let us make one people of them and share authority equally over them'
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Book 4, Irony
'Fires flashed and the heavens were witness to the marriage while nymphs wailed on the mountain tops'
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Book 4, Jupiter
'He must sail'
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Book 6, Sibyl's predictions
'I see wars, deadly wars, I see the Thyrbis foaming with torrents of blood'
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Book 6, destiny
'Juno too is part of Trojan destiny'
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Book 6, Sibyl's prophecy
'Once again the cause of all the Trojan suffering will be a foreign bride'
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Book 6, fate, the Golden bough will:
'come easily of its own accord'
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Book 6, fate and death
'the helpless souls of the unburied'
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Book 6, Anchises
'Your task, Roman, and do not forget it, will be to govern the peoples of the world in your empire'
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Book 7, future fate, to Latinus
'Strangers will come to be your sons in law'
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Book 7, to Latinus
'by their blood to raise our name to the stars'
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Book 7, Harpie's prediction of Aeneas
'When you sail to an unknown shore and your food is so scanty that hunger forces you to eat your tables, that is the time, wary as you are, to hope for home'
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Book 7, checking the prophecy
'In reply the All - powerful Father thundered clear three times from the heights of the sky and with his own hand he displayed in heaven a burning cloud, quivering with rays of golden light'
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Book 7, Aeneas to Latinus
'our race begins with Jupiter'
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Book 7, Aeneas to Latinus
'great fame will be yours, and our gratitude for such a service will never fade'
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Book 7, Juno
'They must think my divine powers are exhausted and discredited...But I shall be able to delay it all and drag it out'
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Book 7, Juno
'Your dowry, Lavinia, will be the blood of the Rutulians and Trojans'
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Book 7, on Allecto
'Dear to her heart were the horrors of war, anger, treachery, and vicious accusations'
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Book 7, effect on Turnus
'The lust for battle raged within him, the criminal madness of war, and above all anger'
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Book 8, Etruscan prophesy
'choose your leaders from across the seas'
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Book 8, Venus
'she was well aware of her beauty and she knew how to use it'
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Book 8, Vulcan
'Bound to her by eternal love'
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Book 10, Jupiter
'Why is there discord against my express command?'
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Book 10, Venus on the Trojans to Jupiter
'If they have obeyed all the commands they have recieved from the gods above and the shades below, how can anyone overturn what you have ordered or fashion a new destiny?'
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Book 10, Juno on Aeneas
'Neither man nor god coompelled Aeneas to choose the ways of war and confront King Latinus as an enemy'
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Book 10, Jupiter
'Trojan and Rutulian I shall treat alike'
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Book 10, Jupiter's power
'the earth trembled to its foundations and the heights of heaven were hushed'
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Book 10, fate
'the Fates will find their way'
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Book 10, mortality and fate
'Each man has his allotted day. All life is brief and time once past can never be restored. But the task of the brave man is to enlarge his fame by his actions'
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Book 12, Latinus, fulfillment of Sibyl's prophecy
'The current of the Thybris is warm with our blood'
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Book 12, on Turnus?
'he is confronting a destiny to which he is not equal'
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Book 12, Fate of Turnus and Aeneas, like Iliad 'golden scales' b24
'Then Jupiter himseld lifted up a pair of scales with the tongue centred and put the lives of the two men in them to decide who would be condemned in the ordeal of battle, and with whose weight would descend'
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Book 12, Juno to Jupiter on Turnus
'Because I have known your will, great Jupiter, against my own wishes I hate abandoned Turnus and abandoned the earth'
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Book 12, Jupiter to Juno on hating the Trojans
'When at last they come together in peace...let there be Latium...Troy has fallen. Let it lie.'
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Book 12, Jupiter
'I will make them all Latins'
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Book 12, Jupiter to Juno, on the future race of Trojans
'be above men, above all the gods, in devotion and no other race will be their equals in paying you honour'
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Book 12, Juno's reaction
'she rejoiced and forced her mind to change'
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'No one is going to send me down to Hades before my time'


Book 6, Hector

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'Doomed to die immediately after Hector


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'Golden cloud of light around his head'


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'Provide him with a magnificent set of armour, which will be the wonder to everyone who sees it'


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