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Define: Share Capital
Share capital is the finance invested in a business by the shareholders.
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Define: Social Enterprise
A social enterprise is a business that has objectives other than making profit.
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Define: Sole Trader
A sole trader is a one-person business with unlimited liability for the debts of that business.
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Define: Supplier
A supplier is a business that provides goods and services to other firms.
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Define: Total Costs
Total costs are the total of variable and fixed costs in a business.
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Define: Trade Credit
Trade credit is the amount owed to suppliers of a business.
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Define: Trademark
A trademark is a word, symbol or phrase used to identify a particular company's product and differentiate it from other companies' products.
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Define: Unlimited Liability
Unlimited liability describes the potential risk that sole traders and partnerships face. They are liable for the debts of the business.
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Define: USP
Unique selling point - a feature of a product or service that makes it stand out compared with the competition.
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Define: Variable Costs
Variable costs are costs that vary directly in proportion to output.
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Define: Venture Capital
Venture capital is the investment made by specialist funds to finance the launch, early development or expansion of a private company.
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Define: Working Capital
Working Capital is the amount of money that a business has available to conduct its day-to-day activities.
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Define: Social Enterprise


A social enterprise is a business that has objectives other than making profit.

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Define: Sole Trader


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Define: Supplier


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Define: Total Costs


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