Globalisation Key Words

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1. What is the Formal Sector?

  • Slang for business life becoming more popular to rural
  • Irregular pay and irregular working days.
  • People in formal employ, permanent jobs and must pay tax.
  • A job where you must wear a suit and tie or smart dress
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2. What is a TNC?

  • Trans National Company
  • Trans National Country
  • Tractor Nuissance Company
  • Truly New Company

3. Which i) the US or ii) Senegal had a world bank loan to start their nut industry?

  • Senegal
  • US
  • Neither
  • Both

4. What does the world bank do?

  • Monitors money transfers between countries
  • Only appears on a Monopoly board
  • Provides loans to developing countries with the official goal of reducing poverty.
  • Gives away money to developing countries

5. What is FDI?

  • Financial Difference Investigations
  • Foreign Direct Inquiry
  • Friends Dig Intelligence
  • Frogs dive in icing


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