Gladstone's First Ministry

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1867 Reform act- What did it do?
Doubled the electorate to 2 million.
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1867Reform act- Effects?
Parliament would be decided b the wishes of the public, Bribery was still rife. First full step towards democracy although the converatives did lose 1868 election.
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1869 Disestablishment of the Irish Church
90% of the Irish population were Catholics but paid tax to Anglican Irish church. Gladstone seperated the church from the state which pleased Irish Catholics as they stopped paying tax. Act created tension between house of commons and house of lords.
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1870 Irish Land act
More rights to Irish tennants. Comp if they surrendered their lease, recieved damages if they had to leave, John Bright Clauses allowed tennants to borrow from govt.
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1870 Forsters Education Act
Created framework for schooling for all children 5-13. Liberal MP Forsters idea. Other nations were cathcing up to Britain industrially (Germany, France) needed to remain at the forefront with new educated workforce.
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1871 Caldwell Army reforms
General Secretary state for war looked to reform the army into a proffessional outfit due to growth of German army. War Office reorganized, the years that a soldier had to sign up for was reduced from life to 12 years.
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1871 Abolition of the Purchase of Commissions
Meant that promotion were based on ability not money or influence so rich aristocrats who didnt have any exeperience werent in charge.
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1871 University test act
abolished the only rule that Anglicans could go to oxbridge or Durham which furthered the non-conformist cries for religious equality
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1871 Trade union act
Allowed trade unions to have property and funds.
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1871 Criminal law Amendment act
made picketing ilegal and was Gladstones most serious misjudgement- lost W.C. support - a reason Liberals lost 1874 election.
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1872 Licensing act
Ingredients of brewing regulated. made an offence of being drunk and disorderly in public. Established drink-drive limit. limited opening hours to 12pm. individual boroughs could decide if they wanted prohibition- Lost UK alliance support
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1872 Ballot act
Introduced the right for voters to vote in secret during an election. the act helped to form the backbone of electoral reform.
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Franco-Prussian war 1871
Failure to get involved resulted in Prussian victory.
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Russia's opportunity
At height of war Russia placed a fleet in the Black sea - which was prohibited by 1856 treaty of Paris. At meeting of concert of Europe in March 1871 Russia got countries to agree.
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Alabama affair
A GB built ship had sunk 57 union shops during American civil war. USA demanded compensation but govt at time refused 1872-73- Glado agreed to give US comp for compensation for loss.
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New Zealand and Canada
Withdrawal of troops from both. Offer of knighthood to Canadian PM who was in favour of Canandian nationalism.
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What effects did this have?
Made GB look weak. Disreali critisced Glado heavily,
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1867Reform act- Effects?


Parliament would be decided b the wishes of the public, Bribery was still rife. First full step towards democracy although the converatives did lose 1868 election.

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1869 Disestablishment of the Irish Church


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1870 Irish Land act


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1870 Forsters Education Act


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