Gladstone's Foreign Policy 1868-1874

1. During the skirmishes of the Franco-Prussian War, France lost what section of land?

  • The German city famous for sausages
  • Brittany
  • Alsace-Lorraine
  • India
  • Paris
  • Belguim
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2. The Foriegn Policy of 1868-1874 was almost bullied with criticism. Disraeli said

  • Gladstone "enfeebled" Britain
  • Gladstone "made Britannia fragile"
  • he made Britain small
  • Gladstone was "too ready to back down" and needed to go away
  • Gladstone was thick

3. United Germany emerged from the different Prussian States in 1871. This was led by which leader?

  • Napoleon
  • Kasier Wilhiem II
  • Otto Von Bismarck
  • Disraeli

4. Possibly the most relevant clause of the Treaty of Paris to the course is?

  • ToP banned all Russian warships and naval bases in the Black Sea
  • ToP declared that 20% of Parisians would reside in the Crimean peninsula to settle the unrest.
  • ToP gave Paris to Russia
  • ToP argued the sea was salty

5. Did Gladstone mean to weaken Britain?

  • Maybe- he was sneaky y'know...
  • No, it was never directly intentional
  • Yes 100%
  • Not a clue!
  • who is Gladstone?


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