Gladstone's Foreign Policy 1868-1874

1. which side was Britain on (in the F-P war?)

  • She gave some support to Germany
  • I don't know
  • She was in support of France
  • She remained neutral
  • Germany was against France
  • Britain was in support of Norway
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2. Gladstone wanted to avoid war, for many reasons. What wasn't one of them?

  • the inevitable loss of human life was immoral and unethical
  • Wars were costly, and he was a retrenchment guy
  • It would mean he'd have to walk home on Tuesdays
  • Wars were unnecessary, European powers should act in concert for resolutions

3. Turkey was the leading state in the

  • Egyptian League
  • EU
  • Christmas Fridge
  • Ottoman Empire
  • European Central Committee

4. Possibly the most relevant clause of the Treaty of Paris to the course is?

  • ToP declared that 20% of Parisians would reside in the Crimean peninsula to settle the unrest.
  • ToP gave Paris to Russia
  • ToP banned all Russian warships and naval bases in the Black Sea
  • ToP argued the sea was salty

5. Did Gladstone mean to weaken Britain?

  • Maybe- he was sneaky y'know...
  • Not a clue!
  • who is Gladstone?
  • No, it was never directly intentional
  • Yes 100%


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