Gladstone's Foreign Policy 1868-1874

1. United Germany emerged from the different Prussian States in 1871. This was led by which leader?

  • Otto Von Bismarck
  • Kasier Wilhiem II
  • Disraeli
  • Napoleon
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2. The Times said Gladstone _______________

  • "enfeebled" Britain
  • "Was too ready to back down", a "demoralising" state for Britain
  • should have eaten more Vitamin C
  • en his homeboiz were wicked, a'rite?

3. When was the Franco-Prussian War?

  • 1870-1871
  • drop beats, not bombs
  • 1871
  • 1869
  • Once upon a time

4. Gladstone wanted to avoid war, for many reasons. What wasn't one of them?

  • the inevitable loss of human life was immoral and unethical
  • It would mean he'd have to walk home on Tuesdays
  • Wars were unnecessary, European powers should act in concert for resolutions
  • Wars were costly, and he was a retrenchment guy

5. Turkey was the leading state in the

  • Egyptian League
  • Christmas Fridge
  • Ottoman Empire
  • EU
  • European Central Committee


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