Glacier dynamics and flow

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1. A rock falling on the glacier surface in the middle accumulation area is most likely to follow a..

  • englacial pathway ABOVE THE TRANSPORT ZONE to the glacier margin.
  • supraglacial pathway to the glacier margin
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2. What is characteristic of; well sorted, from valley sides, No striations, crescentic gouges, facets etc.

  • Passively transported debris
  • Actively transported debris

3. What type of ice is at the pressure melting point?

  • Joey Essex
  • Warm ice
  • Cold ice
  • Emily Statham

4. What type of climate has a low mass balance gradient?

  • Joey Essex
  • Maritime
  • Continental
  • Polar

5. A change of state from ice to water

  • releases 334 j g-1
  • absorbs 334 j g-1
  • absorbs 2834 j g-1


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