Getting Metals From Rocks

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1. Reduction can only happen to certain metals in the reactivity series because...

  • Carbon can only take the oxygen away from metals which are less reactive than carbon itself
  • Carbon can only take the oxygen away from metals which are more reactive than carbon itself
  • Some create dangerous chemical reactions
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2. The two main chemical reactions are called?

  • Thermal decomposition & Magnification
  • Magnification & Electrolysis
  • Reduction and Electrolysis
  • Thermal decomposition & Reduction

3. What from is the metal normally in?

  • An oxide of the metal
  • Pure in form
  • In a mixture on other metals

4. What is a metal ore?

  • A rock which contains enough metals which is worth the metal being extracted
  • A rock which contains a mixture of three metals or more
  • A rock with little or no ore
  • A metal block which contains diamonds throughout it

5. How are most metals extracted by their ores?

  • Reduction
  • Using a chemical reaction
  • Electrolysis
  • Using heat the thermally decompose it?


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