Germany Divided and Reunited (1945-91)- Part 1 Quiz (covers 1945-49)

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1. Where did decsion making power lie within the SED in the GDR (formed October 1949)?

  • The Chancellor
  • The President
  • The First Secretary
  • The Prime Minister
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2. How much did the Western Zone of Germany receive from Marshall Aid (summer of 1947)?

  • $2.7 billion
  • $1.5 billion
  • $1.4 billion
  • $3.2 billion

3. What was the result of the Berlin Blockade?

  • Britain and The USA implemented the Airlift and NATO formed
  • Britain and The USA implemented the Airlift and the Warswaw Pact formed
  • The Western powers surrended their zones of Berlin to the USSR
  • The USSR surrendered their Berlin zone to the Western Powers

4. In the Western zone, indiviuals who were not classified as active participants in the Nazi regime collected the...

  • 'Deutsch wahre Bürger' Award
  • £20 worth of rationing stamps with 'Deutsch wahre Bürger' Award
  • 'Persil' Certificate
  • 'Fairy' Award

5. What was the USSR's response (1949) to the Marshall Plan?

  • The Stalin Plan


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