Germany Divided and Reunited (1945-91)- Part 1 Quiz (covers 1945-49)

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1. What were the initial four problems to solve at the Potsdam Conference?

  • Reparations, territorial adjustments, rising tensions between allies and self determination
  • Denazification, demiliterisation, reparations and territorial adjustments
  • War guilt, denazification, demiliterisation and self determination
  • Territorial adjustments, reparations, self determination and war guilt
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2. What happened to Czechoslovakia when it was interested in receiving Marshall Aid?

  • Instead, the USSR donated $0.4 billion to Czechoslovakia
  • It was invaded and attacked by the USSR as it had forbidden any Eastern state to receive it
  • The USSR imposed sanctions on Czechoslovakia as it had forbidden any Eastern state to receive it
  • The USA sent Czechoslovakia $0.4 billion

3. What was Bizonia and when was it formed?

  • The merging of the French and American Zones, in May 1947
  • The merging of the British and French Zones, in October 1946
  • The merging of the British and American Zones, in January 1947
  • The merging of the American and Soviet Zones, in June 1947

4. What was the aim of the Marshall Plan?

  • To prevent spread of Communism and provide a market for US goods
  • To reduce tensions in Europe by helping to revive its economy
  • To increase trade between USA and other European countries
  • To show the USSR how powerful the USA was

5. Who became the first Chancellor (August 1949) of the FRG (May 1949 in West Germany)?

  • Adenauer of the CDU/CSU
  • Brandt of the SPD
  • Ulbricht of the SED
  • Erhard of the CDU/CSU


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