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2. Who was the leader of Hungary before he was replaced prior to the revolution?

  • Matyas Rakosi
  • Dubcek
  • Imre Nagy
  • Antonin Novotny

3. Why was the Berlin wall put up?

  • To demonstrate the power of the USSR.
  • To deal with the refugee problem from East Germany to West.
  • To seperate Capitalism from Communism
  • To deal with the refugee problem from West Germany to East.

4. Why did Stalin Orchestrate the Berlin Blockade? (1948-49)

  • To show power to the Western countries.
  • To gain control of different territories.
  • To prevent the establishment of a seperate state in western Germany.
  • To seperate communism and capitalism in Germany.

5. What is a satellite state?

  • A country governed by the USSR
  • An eastern European country.
  • An officially independant country, but is really controlled by the USSR.
  • A country owned by the USSR


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