Germany 1918-45 Keywords

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Adolf Hitler
the leader of Nazi party
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The alliance of forces that fough against axis.Britian,Usa,USSR (WW2)
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The alliance of fascist states (WW2)Nazi Germany and Japan.
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Benito Mussolini
The fascist dictator of italy from 1925-43
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The political ideology
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The idea that all people are equal
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Dawes Plan
The economic plan that as set up to help germany pay its reparations.By stressaman
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A political model where everyonhas the right to vote for who they want in government
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A dictator with absolute and total control
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A one party olitical system where one leader makes all the decisons and has ultimate power
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Ernst Rohm
The leader of SA thoughout its existence.He was killed in prison by ** during Nights of the long knives.Rohem was a raging homosexual and allegedly caught with another SA member in bed on the Night of the Long Knives
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Franz Von Papen
Leader of the conservative Catholic Zentrum Partei (center Party)Who joined Hitler in power anc convinced Von Hindenburg to let Hitler become chancellor
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Disbanded former soldiers who fought against Communist uprising in Weimar Germany.Many memebers joined the SA
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Leauge of Nations
Set up after WW1 to prevent a war ever happening again by Wilson 14 points
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Killing people for thier ethnicity,religious belief,sexual choice or race.
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Great Depression
The economic crisi caused by Wall street Crash of october 1929.Hit germany hardest because of young and daws plan
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The economic inflation in Germany 1924
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Josef gobbels
Minster of propaganda in Hitlers goverment thoughout the Thrid Reich
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Karl Liebknecht
The joint-leader of the Spartacists party with his wife Rosa Luxemburg
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Kapp Putsch
An uprising in 1921.Ex-Military gererals marched on berlin only failed as the president called it off
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Munich Putsch
Hitler attempt at taking goverment in march 1923.Munich Putsch failed and Hitler place imprison where he write Mein Kampf
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National Socialism
The poltical ideology of the NSDAP
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Night of Broken Glass (Kristallnacht)
9-10 November 1938 .The Night when ** officers attacked Jew,Burned dow synagogues ,Business and began the mass-concentration of jews
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Night Of the Long Knives
30 Junes-2July 1934.The Night when Ernst Rohm and rest of SA were murdered or froced to join **.Supported by Hitler
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The NAtional Socialist German workers party (later Called NAZI PARTY)
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Occupation of the Ruhr
The French and Belgium occupation of the Rhineland as Germany failed to pay its reparations
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Passive Resistance
The resistance to the Occupations of the ruhr that inclued refusing to work
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Paul von Hindenburg
The Last Reichspresident of Weimar Germany .
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Rosa Luxemburg
The Polish joint-leader of the Sparrtacists with her husband - Karl Liebknecht
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Rudolf Hess
Hitlers orginal right hand mad .Fled to scotland to being peace talks but was arrested
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The frist paramilitary army of the NSDAP,who where mainly made up of ex-Freikorps and Wehrmacht soldiers.The SA was destroyed in the night of the long knives.Most forced to join ** .Top ring all executed.
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A political ideology that final aimed devloped into communism
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The comminist group that attempted a revolution in 1918
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The second paramilitary army of the NSDAP.The ** were well trained elite force that was used to kill the SA and harass politicals opponents and undersireables.
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Third Reich
Hitlers Germany under a dictatorship
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Treaty of versailles
The treaty Germany was maded to sign in november of 1918.
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The untied Soviet Socialist Republics
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Weimer Republic
The democratic repbulic of germany that was set in 1918 and lasted until Hitler turned Germany into a dictatorship
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The national army of Germany
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Young plan
The plan the was accepted by Germany in 19330 to set up an prganised scheme for reparations payments.
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The alliance of forces that fough against axis.Britian,Usa,USSR (WW2)



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The alliance of fascist states (WW2)Nazi Germany and Japan.


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The fascist dictator of italy from 1925-43


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The political ideology


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