Germany 1900-45

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1. Which of these factors does NOT account for Nazi electoral success in the early 1930s?

  • Many workers were part of a trade union
  • Nazi propaganda played on anti-Semitism and hatred of the Trety of Versailles
  • Intimidation of political opponents
  • Many business owners saw the Nazis as preferable to the communists
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2. Hitler committed suicide after the troops of which nation entered Berlin?

  • The USA
  • The Soviet Union
  • Britain
  • France

3. What was the name of the attempt made by the Nazis to establish a right-wing state?

  • The occupation of the Ruhr
  • The Munich Putsch
  • The Spartacist Uprising
  • The Kapp Putsch

4. Which country was NOT taken over by Germany in 1940?

  • Luxembourg
  • France
  • Britain
  • Denmark

5. Who was NOT in opposition to the Nazis?

  • Sophie Scholl
  • Reinhard Heydrich
  • Martin Niemoller
  • Claus von Stauffenberg


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