Germany 1918-1945

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1. What did the Nazi propaganda do to the people.

  • It indoctrinated the people of Germany, which meant that they were brainwashed into being Nazis.
  • It caused people to turn against the Nazis and revolt against the regimes that they were enforcing.
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2. How many Nazis were killed during the Munich Putsch?

  • 200
  • 16
  • 20
  • 160

3. Who was the Kaiser of Germany during World War One?

  • Kaiser Wilhelm
  • Kaiser Wilhelm the Fourth
  • Kaiser Wilhelm the Second
  • Kaiser William the Second

4. Why were medals awarded to women in Nazi Germany?

  • For giving birth to many Aryan or Nazi children.
  • For becoming the perfect Nazi woman.
  • For being a working woman, who can support herself and her family.

5. On which date does Hitler become dictator and ruler of Germany?

  • 19th August 1934 (after Hindenburg's death)
  • 16th July 1934 (after Hindenburg's death)
  • 19th July 1934 (after Hindenburg's death)
  • 18th July 1934 (after Hindenburg's death)



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