Germany 1918-1945

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1. What was the Enabling Act of March 1933?

  • A statement that allowed Hitler to create and pass his own laws for four years without the consent of the Reichstag.
  • A law that enabled all Jews to live freely.
  • A statement that allowed Hitler to become Chancellor of Germany.
  • A Law that enabled Hitler to rise to power.
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2. Who was caught starting the Reichstag Fire?

  • Von Papen
  • Mendelssohn
  • Van Der Lubbe (A Dutch Communist)
  • Hindenburg

3. Why were medals awarded to women in Nazi Germany?

  • For giving birth to many Aryan or Nazi children.
  • For becoming the perfect Nazi woman.
  • For being a working woman, who can support herself and her family.

4. What did Hitler do to religion?

  • He tried to limit the amount of time spent at church, to limit it's control over the people and maximise his control over them.
  • He burnt all of the Bibles and Crosses in Germany.
  • He made going to church compulsory, as it was seen as a humble and moralising.
  • He completely closed all churches, and other places of worship.

5. On which date did the Munch Putsch begin?

  • 18th November 1922
  • 8th November 1923
  • 9th November 1923
  • 8th November 1922




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