German Unification

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In 1815, how many states were there?
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Who controlled these states?
Separate and independent leaders
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What was the name of their parliamnet?
The Diet
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What was the issue with the Diet?
They had little power
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Among each state, there were differences in___?
Language, culture, currency
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The Vienna Settlement had renamed Germany into what?
The German Confederation
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However, some leaders of this confederation were in fact..?
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There was also an issue with two dominent countries, who were they?
Austria and Prussia
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What exactly was the issue?
They both wanted majority control over the confederation
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Metternich called this clash a what?
'Peaceful dualism'
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Southern Germany looked to which out of the two countries and why?
Austria because like the south, they were also Catholic
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Northern Germany looked to the other country, which and why?
Prussia because like North Germany, they were Protestants
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The aristocracy controlled who?
the army and civil service
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What was the main issue amongst towns, little ___ and no ____?
industry and large towns
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ZOLLVEREIN. Began as what and when?
Prussian Custroms Union in 181
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What did they remove?
Custom barriers within Prussia
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What does Zollverein mean?
Customs union
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Each state at this time controlled its own what?
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Within this confederation, there were countless ___?
Customs barriers
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This became a problem because?
It restricted trade heavily
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There was even ___ ___ on roads.
Toll booths
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Within each state there were different ____ as well as ____
Currencies and value
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Why was this also a problem?
Because it effected trade as well
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Manufacturers from a certain state complained about this lack of trade, who was it?
The Rhineland
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In 1818, the Prussian Tariff Reform Law became what?
Prussian Customs Union
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What did the Union remove?
The complex internal customs
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Replacing it with?
One tariff as people enter the Prussian border
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Industrialists wanted to add what on their goods?
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Against whom?
Britain - their biggest competitor
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Prussia couldn't raise their tariffs, why exactly?
They were not politically or economically strong enough
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What was added onto raw materials like cotton to protect against who?
Custom duties and against foreign competition
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The PCU hopes to extended what?
Free trade
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Goods would move more freely around the Confederation if..?
Internal barriers were removed
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What was Austria's position at this point?
They didn't want to get involved
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A big state signed onto the Customs Union, which state was this and when was it?
Hesse-Darmstadt in 1828
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Rival Unions were set up against the PCU, give an example:
The Middle Union
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The Middle Union suffered financial difficulties, the consequences?
Hesse-Cassel left to join PCU
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What happened next to the Middle Union?
They collapsed and merged into the PCU
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At this time, the PCU became so large and catered for more than just Prussia, so what did they do?
Renamed to Zollverein
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Only four places by 1844 were not part of the customs union, which states?
Hanover, Oldenburg, Mecklenburg and Austria
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The Zollverein made some promises, what were they?
To abolish all customs systems also .. (next card)
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What else was introduced to prevent the complexity of the Confederation?
Currency, weights and measurements were all standardised into one large system
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This was based on what?
Prussia's, roughly
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Railways were extended as well, what benefits did this bring?
Better communication betweens states as well as quickly delievered trade
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Only very minor problems occurred within the Zollverein, what was one of them?
The admin weren't always effective
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Overall though the Zollverein was a great success for Prussia, what did this land them?
Leadership in economics
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Prussia was now seen as..
The natural leaders for Germany
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Who controlled these states?


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What was the name of their parliamnet?


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What was the issue with the Diet?


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Among each state, there were differences in___?


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