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2. Translate this to English: In der pause esse chips und trinke ich orangesaft weil sie lecker aber ungesund sind.

  • During the break I eat crisps and drink orange juice because are tasty but unhealthy.
  • In the break eating chips and Drink orange juice because they are tasty but unhealthy.
  • When it is Break time I would eat chips and fish with orange juice because it is very nice and very healthy.
  • In the pause I eat chicken nuggets because its nice and I will eat orange juice.

3. How do you spell 'A Tie'?

  • (eine) Die Krawatte
  • (einen) Die Krawatte
  • (einen) Das Krawate
  • (ein) Der Krawatte

4. How is 'essen' spelt when its the 'you' form singular?

  • esse
  • Isst
  • esst
  • essen

5. How is 'tragen' spelt when its the 'you' form singular?

  • trage
  • tragt
  • tragen
  • tragst


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