German - weather

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Im frühling
In spring
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Im sommer
In summer
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Im herbst
In Autumn
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Im winter
In winter
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Es ist schön
It is nice
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Es ist sonnig
It is sunny
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Es ist winding
It is windy
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Es ist wolkig
It is cloudy
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Es ist neblig
It is foggy
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Es ist frostig
It is frosty
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Es is heiß
It is hot
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Es ist warm
It is warm
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Es ist kalt
It is cold
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Es regnet
It is raining
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Es schneit
It is snowing
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Es donnert und blitz
It's thundering and lightning
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Card 2


In summer


Im sommer

Card 3


In Autumn


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Card 4


In winter


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Card 5


It is nice


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