German events from 1932 to 1933

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1. why did Von Papen resign?

  • he did not want to be responsible for Hitler seizing power
  • he saw war was coming
  • he lost the support of Hitler and they were the largest party still.
  • he had a verruca
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2. How did Bruning try and calm unrest and the Nazi's in April 1932?

  • set fire to the Reichstag building
  • outvoted the nazi's
  • Banned the SS and SA
  • Shot Hitler in the leg

3. what the Von Schleicher offer the NSDAP?

  • a place in a plot to attack france and britain again
  • a chance to disband the party
  • a place in coalition with them
  • 1 million marks to kill Hindenburg

4. Why did people start to vote for more extreme right and left wing parties?

  • The Wiemar Government
  • Wall Street Crash
  • Bon Jovi
  • Inflation

5. how did von Schleicher remove Bruning

  • formed a coalition with right wing parties, persuaded Hindenburg they had a majority and he sacked Bruning.
  • had him assassinated
  • Schleicher was found guilty of tax evasion


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