German events from 1932 to 1933

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1. what happened after Von Papen resigned?

  • ebert appeared and took control
  • Hitler seized power
  • Hindenburg appointed Von Schleicher chancellor
  • Bruning was elected again
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2. why did there have to be another election?

  • Hindenburg suspected cheating and called another election
  • no candidate achieved 50% of the vote
  • Hitler had a paddy
  • the communists locked some SS troopers for 1 day

3. why did Von Schleicher leave?

  • his plan to be head of a military dictatorship leaked and coupled with the majority of the Nazi Party he could not get support.
  • Hindenburg wanted to take control
  • Hitler offered to help
  • Hitler stormed the Reichstag

4. how did von Schleicher remove Bruning

  • Schleicher was found guilty of tax evasion
  • formed a coalition with right wing parties, persuaded Hindenburg they had a majority and he sacked Bruning.
  • had him assassinated

5. How did Hitler come into power?

  • there was no other choice for Hindenburg
  • Von Papen told Hindenburg that Hitler could be the Chancellor with himself as the vice and make the decisions
  • Hindenburg thought that Hitler would help the state
  • 39 businesses wrote to Hindenburg to persuade him


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