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1. Shear strength is the ability to resist _________________ relating to ______________.

  • internal stresses, gravity
  • deformation, sreve pressure
  • weathering and friction, rock fragments
  • significant fractures, erosion
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2. Colluvium is unconsolidated material composed of___________________________ transported across and deposited on slopes.

  • large fragments
  • finer fragments
  • rock material and soils
  • loss fragments

3. River terraces are a product of:

  • rising sea levels
  • chemical weathering
  • erosion and deposition
  • human interference

4. Rock fragments hitting off one an other and breaking off fragments is described as which type of erosion?

  • Abrasion
  • Hydrological action
  • Salation
  • Solution

5. Who noted the succession of coral reefs?

  • Alexander Von Humbold and Charles Darwin
  • William Ferrel and Adam Da Jobam
  • James Longing and Matthew Agassiz


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