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List the Planets in order from the Sun
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus
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How far is MERCURY from the sun?
0.4 A.U
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How far is VENUS from the sun?
0.7 A.U
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How far is EARTH from the sun?
1.0 A.U
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How far is MARS from the sun?
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How far is JUPITER from the sun?
5.2 A.U
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How far is SATURN from the sun?
9.5 A.U
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How far is URANUS from the sun?
19.6 A.U
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How far is NEPTUNE from the sun?
30.0 A.U
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who are the 'Terrestrial Planets' ?
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars.
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Describe the 'Terrestrial Planets' ?
Closest to the Sun, crust/mantle= Silicates Core= Iron/Nickel
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who are the 'Gas Giants' ?
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
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Describe the 'Gas Giants' ?
High mass, low density. Hydrogen and Helium
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Where is the Asteroid belt?
In between Mars and Jupiter
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what is an Asteroid?
small solar bodies composded mainly of rock and non volatile minerals
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how do asteroids form?
remenants of the solar system formation that failed coalesce because of the gravitional interference of Jupiter
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How did the Solar system form?
1) A rotating cloud of gas and dust called a nebular cloud 2)The cloud collapsed due to gravity forming a rotatijng disc 3) largest mass collected in the centre forming the sun 4)The remaining material stuck together forming the plantets =accretion
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what are the 3 types of meotrites?
1) Stony 2)Iron 3)Carbonaceous chondrites
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Iron Meterorites
Alloy of Iron and Nickel. Evidence for core
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Stony Meteorites
Silicate materials including olivine
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Carbonaceous Chrondrites
type of stony meteorite that contains water and other oragnic compounds.
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Defintion of a Meteorite
A meteroite is a natural orbiting object in outter space that survives an impact with the Earths surface
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What is a 'fall'?
A meteorite that has been recovered after being observed
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Evidence for impact craters caused by meteorites and asteroids
Ejected material, shocked quartz, tilted rock strata, broken up material at depth
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How far is MERCURY from the sun?

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