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a large body of air that has similar temperature, pressure and moisture properties
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high pressure system in which air descends to give calm conditions and clear skies. associated with summer heatwaves and winter frosts and frogs
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carbon credits?
a means of trading carbon between organisations or countries in order to meet an overall target
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long-term (at least 30 years) weather averages
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cold front?
the "leading edge" of a relatively cold air mass
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congestion charging?
charging vehicles to enter cities , with the aim of reducing the presence of cars in large cities (e.g. London)
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an area with a high temperature range away from the influence of sea . winters will be cooler and summers warmer compared to a coastal location for the same latitude
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area in the atmosphere in which the pressures are lower than those of surrounding regions at the same level.
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what are the stages of a depression?
a wave (young) depression forms and moves along a front. then mature depressions have well developed warm sectors and both warm and cold fronts. an occluded depression is that within which has which there has developed an occluded front.
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extreme weather?
a weather event such as a flash flood or snow storm that is significantly different from the average
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eye and eye wall?
the center of a hurricane/ the area of cloud either side of the eye where the wind speeds are high and heavy rain falls
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water that has condensed close to the ground to form a dense low cloud with poor visibility.
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frozen water resulting from the temperature of the ground or the air dropping below 0'C
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global warming?
an increase in world temperatures as a result of the increase of greenhouse gases
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greenhouse effect?
the blanketing effect of the atmosphere in retaining heat given off from the earths surface
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greenhouse gases?
gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, which are given off from the earths surface by burning fossil
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a powerful tropical storm with sustained winds of over 120kph (75mph) also known as a tropical cyclone or typhoon
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a line of equal or constant pressure measured in millibars (mb)
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energy from the sun used to heat up the earths surface
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kyoto protocol?
an international agreement aimed at reducing carbon emissions from industrialized countries
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maritime influence?
the influence of the sea on the climate
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north Atlantic drift?
a warm ocean current from the south Atlantic, which brings warm conditions to the west coast of the UK
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occluded front?
a front that is formed as a cold front overtakes a warm front and lifts the warm air completely off the ground
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prevailing winds?
the most frequent wind that blows in that area. in the UK it is south westerly
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rain shadow?
the dry region on the leeward side of a mountain (the side sheltered from the wind)
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collection and subsequently reprocessing of products such as paper instead of throwing them away.
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hurricane track?
path of a hurricane as it moves away from its source area.
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warm front?
a climate with a low temperature range influenced by proximity to the sea.
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warm sector?
the zone of warm air within a depression, situated between the warm and cold fronts
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the state of the atmosphere, mainly with respect to its effects upon life and human activities. as distinguished from climate, weather consists of the short term (minutes to about 15 days) variations of the atmosphere state.
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pleistocene period?
a geological time period lasting from about 2 million years ago until 10,000 years ago. some referred to it as the ice age
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high pressure system in which air descends to give calm conditions and clear skies. associated with summer heatwaves and winter frosts and frogs

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carbon credits?


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