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2. How are the bangladesh government trying to reduce the flood damage caused?

  • Flood protection shelters, Embankements, dams and reducing deforestation
  • Reducing deforestation
  • Dams and flood relief channels
  • Disaster preparedness

3. What was included in the foreign aid package to Bangladesh?

  • Food, Medicines, Clothing and Blankets
  • Food, Clothing and Medical Supplies
  • Food and Tents
  • Temporary shelters, Food and Clothing

4. Dimensions of the 3 gorges dam?

  • 181m high, 2.3km wide
  • 3 km wide, 181m high
  • 230m high, 400m wide
  • 2.5km wide, 179m high

5. How much damage was caused in Bangladesh?

  • $4bn
  • $3bn
  • $3mn
  • $2bn


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