Geography Key Terms

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Amenity Value
Used for recreational and leisure activities
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Appropriate Technology
Aid supplied by a donor country whereby the the tech and skills required suit the conditions in the recipient country
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To claim safety in another country
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Back Offices
Company offices that handle communications
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Beach Replenishment
Building up the beach by pumping sand or shingle onto it
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Blind Fault
Where the fault line does not reach the surface
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Catchment Flood Management Plans (CFMPs)
PLans setting out stratagies to reduce risk of flooding over next 50-100 years in river basin
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Communicable Disease
An infectious or contagious disease that can be passed on to another
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Community Energy
Energy that is produced close to the point of consumption
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Consolidated Rock
Rock with a strong sturcture that is hard to break down
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Constructive Waves
Waves that build up beach material to create landforms
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Cumulative Causation
When a significant increase in economic growth can lead to more growth as money circulated the economy
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A system of winds rotating inwards to an area of low pressure
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Where a river breaks into distributaries before reaching the sea
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Demographic Transition
Model showing how the population changes over time
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The study of population
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Dependancy Ratio
Ratio between economically active pop. and those who are dependant on them
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Destructive Waves
Waves that erode the coastline
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Volume of water passing in a river at a given point, measured in cumecs
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Economies of Scale
An increase in scale of production leads to reduced average cost
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Environmentally friendly way to travel
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El Niño
Large climatic disturbances in the southern Pacific that occur every 3-7 years
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Leaves a country to live in another country for over a year
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Energy Gap
Gap between demand for energy and energy that can actually be supplied
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Buying and selling through the internet
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Sum of evaporation from Earth's surface
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Exponential Growth
Rate of increase that quickly doubles
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Fracture in Earth's crust that shows signs of movement
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Foreign Direct Investment
Overseas investments in physical capital by MNCs
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Free Trade
Trade between countries when the prices aren't fixed
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Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Total VAlue of goods and services provided by a country each year
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Global City
A major world city providing international services
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Global Cival Society
International groups that aren't controlled by state government
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Gross National Income (GNI)
Total income of a country
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Wooden or concrete consturction built across a beach
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HArd Engineering
Use of concrete barriers to control water
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Type of mudflow made of pyroclastic material and water flowing down a volcano
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Collection of water by vegetation
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Informal Sector
Jobs that are paid without regualar hours or payment
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Same as emigrant
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A violent tropical storm over the Caribbean region
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Managed Retreat
Allowing the sea to flood lowland areas
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Evergreens with roots that trap sediemnt and aid beach development
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Nuées Ardentes
Highly destructive, fast moving clouds of ash and dust
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Plate Tectonics
Study of distribution and movement or Eath's crustal plates
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Sub-Aeriel Processes
Processes active on the face and top of cliffs
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Stato Volcano
Tall, conical volcano comprised of many layers
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Storm Surge
Extreme storm waves created by strong winds and low pressure that lead to flooding and high sea levels
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Shield Volcano
A volcano that covers a large area with a gentle slope
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Subduction Zone
Area of destructive plate boundaries where one goes under the other
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Thermal Expansion
In the sea when the weather is warmer, the surface water molecules expand, raising sea levels
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Tidal wave caused by an underwater earthquake
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Violent tropical storm over Indian and Pacific oceans
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Aid supplied by a donor country whereby the the tech and skills required suit the conditions in the recipient country


Appropriate Technology

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To claim safety in another country


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Company offices that handle communications


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Building up the beach by pumping sand or shingle onto it


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