Geography Key Terms

Pyroclastic Flow
Composed of ash and rock and can travel up to 200 kmph and be as hot as 2000C.
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Pyroclastic Flow mixed with water and turns into a river of mud.
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Volcanic Bombs
A lump of rock that explodes from a volcano, lands, and semi-solidifies.
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Where the earthquake starts.
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The point on the ground directly above the focus.
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P Waves
Longitudinal waves that are the fastest seismic waves and can travel through liquids and solids.
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S Waves
Transverse waves that can only travel through solids.
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R Waves
Rolling waves that move up and down and side to side that travel through liquids and solids.
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L Waves
Travel across the surface and only travel through solids.
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Recieves and records shockwaves from earthquakes.
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Laser Reflector
Surveys movement between fault lines.
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Strain Meter
A taut wire is set up between two plates and will snap under earthquake movements triggering an alarm.
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Natural Population Increase
Birth Rate - Death Rate
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Total Population Increase
(Birth Rate - Death Rate) +- Migration
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HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus AIDS - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
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Economic Migrant
Move to seek better work oppourtunities.
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Forced Migrant
Move as they face persecution or death in their own country.
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Environmental Migrant
Move due to natural disasters or climate change.
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A person who is unable or unwilling to return to their own country due to persecution or forcible displacement.
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Asylum Seeker
A refugee who formally applies to reside in the country they have arrived in.
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Push/Pull Factor
The features of a place that repel/attract people to move from/to there.
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Brain Drain
Loss of the most skilled workers.
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The money sent back by worker to support their families.
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Circular Migration
Migrants move to an urban area to find work and return due to the harvest, changing economic conditions etc.
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Water soaking downwards through permeable rock.
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Water soaking downwards into the soil.
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Through Flow
Water flowing horizontally through soil.
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Groundwater Flow
Water flowing horizontally though permeable rock.
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Slightly acidic water dissolves the rock it passes over.
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Pebbles bounce along the river as they can only be carried for a small time.
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Rock that has been dissolved is carried as invisible load.
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Wetted Perimeter
This is where water touches the bed, banks, or large load.
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Amount of water in the river.
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Lag Time
Delay between maximum rainfall and peak discharge.
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Human Development Index
GNP per capita, LE, Literacy Rate
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Physical Quality of Life Index
LE, IMR, Literacy Rate
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Total value of goods and services produced by a country in a year.
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Purchasing Power Parity Index
The GDP/GNP is converted to reflex the relative purchasing power of each country.
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Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty.
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Achieve universal primary education.
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Promote gender equality.
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Pyroclastic Flow mixed with water and turns into a river of mud.



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A lump of rock that explodes from a volcano, lands, and semi-solidifies.


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Where the earthquake starts.


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The point on the ground directly above the focus.


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