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urban change and development
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1-Glasgows population? 2-Decline in what industries?
1-Over 580,000 2- shipbuilding, older industies
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2 major developments?
1- Clyde waterfront project 2- Regeneration in the gorbals
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Main points of the 2 major developments?
1- CWP- turned industrial land into 200 projects costing £5 billion, offices shops, glasgow science centre 2- £170 million invested in poor neighbourhoods 1500 new homes
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Social, Economic and Environmental needs of population?
S- improve transport + leisure facilities, new homes Eco- New businesses, bring jobs 50,000 new jobs in waterfront project
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Developments Sustainable?
CWP- Less pollution, bus links walking cycle lanes, development on brownfeild land, saves green spaces, materials from other buildings used RITG- Use derelict brownfeild land to create new spaces, reuses land makes space for future generations
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South Yorkshire?
Changing retail
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Changes to goods and supply?
people want bigger range, lower price, smaller shops cant meet this demand larger chain stores can, more products under 1 roof = cheaper prices
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Changes to transport?
car ownership increased, people can travel further, fewer convenience stores, more out-of-town shopping where land is cheaper
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Changing retail services, Positives?
South Yorkshire mixture of land, 1990 large out-of-town shopping centre MEADOWHALL near Sheffield 280 shops, easily reached, 120,000 free car park spaces 80,000 visitors a week
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Changing retail services, negatives?
Number of shops in sheffield city centre declined, rent is cheaper at meadowhall, some move, city centre 15% loss of business, Sheffield city centre- better parking 'city watch' scheme to reduce cime
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China one-child policy?
population managment
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Why was population management needed?
world's largest population, 1949- 540 million, families encouraged, more children strong army, 1970- increased to 830 million, didn't have resources to cope, many people no access to water or electricity
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The first scheme introduced?
'Late, long and few' 1970-79 fertility rate dropped 5.7 1970 to 2.9 1979
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One-child policy introduced, couples given benefits for having 1 child, charged a 'social compensation fee' having more then 1
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Effects of 'One-child policy'? policy change?
-prevented 400 million births -Fertility rate 2.9 1979 to 1.8 2009 -Policy changed rural areas 2nd child if 1st girl or physical disability, need to work on farmes - both parents only child, 2nd child allowed, -some say it goes against human righ
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Sustainability of 'One-child Policy'?
Helps towards sustainable development, population not grown so fast, more resources to go around
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Poland to Uk?
International migration
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Pull factors?
-2004 Uk allowed unlimited migration from EU -More work, higher wages -big demand for tradesman, plumbers -Good exchange rate, send money to families
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Push factors?
-Poland high unemployment 19% -low average wages 1/3 average European wages -Housing shortages,300 homes every 1000 people
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Impacts for UK? 1-Economic 2-Social 3-Political
1-boasted economy, however money went back to Poland -polish goods sold, polish workers pay taxes 2-unhappy about large numbers, polish immigrants 3- politicians changed policy, not unlimited from poland
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Impacts for Poland? 1-Economic 2-Social
1-Not enough workers in poland -£3 billion sent to families in poland 2- most who have left, young, led to ageing population
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Management of immigration?
-If immigrating, need to register, worker registration scheme -UK government tightened immigration law from EU countries
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China urbanisation?
Migration within a country
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Push factors?
-150 million unemployed 2004, fewer jobs rural areas, more machinery, -lower wages higher poverty 26.1 million poverty in rural areas 2004 - not enough services rural areas
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Pull Factors?
-More jobs urban areas in industry -higher wages, less poverty, average wage 3 times higher urban to rural - better services, healthcare, education rural 2002 1.1 million children no primary school
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Impacts Rural areas? 1-positive 2-negative
1-send money home 130 million left help families avoid poverty 2- young leave, ageing population, 1/2 Chinese people live on own
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Imapacts Urban afreas? 1-positive 2- negative
1- more workers increas demand for services, increases trade + industry, good for economy 2- increasing population ,increase pollution, over 270 cities no water treatment plans
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Coastal landforms on the Dorset coastline?
The dorset coastline made up of bands of hard rock (limestone/chalk) and soft rock (clay)
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Durdle Door? Formed?
Arch, erosion by waves, crack in limestone headland, cave then arch
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Lulworth cove? Formed?
Cove formed , gap eroded band of limestone, behind limestone is clay, eroded away for a cove
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Chesil beach? Formed?
Tombolo formed by longshore drift joins isle of portland to mainland behind Chesil beach is a shallow lagoon, called Fleet lagoon
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Swanage bay and studland bay? Formed?
Areas of softer rock made of sandstone and clay, in between headland called the Foreland made from harder rock
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Coastal erosion at Barton-On-Sea? Where?
Hampshire coastline, in Christchurch bay, lies east of hengistbury head
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Effects of coastal erosion?
-cliffs eroding 1 metre per year -regular large landslides -buildings top of cliffs begun to fall in - coastal path falling into sea, closed or moved - coastal roads cracking
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Management of coastal erosion?
-Rock Armour bottom of cliff, not effective -drainage system within cliff prevent rainwater building up -2007 beach replenishment £3500/m2 -rock groynes slow longshore drift
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Boscastle- north cornwall?
River flooding
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Boscastle facts?
-small fishing village -16 august 2004 flash flood caused widespread damage
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Causes of Boscastle flooding?
60mm rainfall (a month) fell in 2 hours -ground already saturated (rain) -rapid surface run-off of drainage basin, impermeable slate, steel slopes -Boscastle at confluence, 3 rivers meet large quantity of water, rivers over flow
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Effects of flooding at Boscastle?
Homes, businesses, cars swept away, belong over 1000 people - tourism income lost impact livelihoods and local economy - large insurance claims - no lives lost
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Bangladesh in south Asia?
River flooding
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3 Basic facts?
1- poor country 2- country very low-lying, experiences regular floods 3- 2 main rivers in Bangladesh- Brahmaputra and Ganges
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Causes of river flooding in Bangladesh?
-900mm rainfall in july saturated ground -melting snow Himalayas -peak discharge both rivers at same time
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Effects of flooding in Bangladesh?
-over 2000 deaths -25 million made homeless -44 schools destroyed -100,000 caught water-borne diseases -reduced rice field yield, flooding destroyed them
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Management of flooding in Bangladesh?
Flood forecasting + warning systems 85 flood monitoring stations - 6000km man-made levees - controlled flooding some areas sediment builds up, create natural banks
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River Clyde Valley?
River Landforms
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4 Facts about the River Clyde
1-Runs through Scotland 2-160km long 3- source in southern uplands of Scotland (a group of mountains) 4- mouth and estuary west coast of Scotland
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Upper course landforms?
1- Source- Lowther Hills-2 tributaries 2- interlocking spurs at crawford 300 and 500m high 3- Fallss of Clyde 4 waterfalls near Lanark highest- Corra Linn 27m high gorge as waterfalls retreat
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Middle course landforms?
1- Meanders: between motherwell and Glasgow 2- Ox-bow lake, near village of uddingston
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Lower course landforms?
1- Glasgow built on floodplain of river clyde 2-land is 5m above sea level either side 3- rivers estuary 34km west of gGasgow joins firth of Clyde becomes irish sea
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Wal-Mart Multinational company? Locations?
Mexico, China, Japan, Brazil and UK (Asda)
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3 Basic Facts?
1-Walmart began in Arkansas,1962 2- 8,000 stores 3- 2 million employees
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primary Impacts?
1- Created jobs-150,000 in mexico 2- local companies/farmers provide goods 3-company invests money in sustainable development- Puerto rico, solar panels4-creates skilled jobs LEDC'S,china, local people 6-millions donated healthcare+education based
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Negative impacts?
1-workers have long hours, (up to 60/week) 2- not all workers paid equally, chine some $1 a day 3- stores often large out-of town, cause environmental problems 4- cause smaller shops to close down,
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Comic relief in Uganda and Tanzania?
International Aid project
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Problems in Uganda and Tanzania?
1-Farmers can't affors feed families, no school for children, find food instead (ug) 2- Many children die every day due to malaria (ug) 3- poor healthcare 1/7 children die before 5 (Ta)
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What have comic relief done? (3 main things)
1- Small loans Ugandan farmers 2- Malaria nets , shown how to use (Uganda) 3- Given money, Ifrakara tanzanian charity, improve hospitals, educate midwives, provide running water+ electricty
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How has it helped Uganda and Tanzania?
1- Farmers afford seeds, grow crops 2- less infant deaths 3- reduced healthcare cost in Uganda 4- adult deaths dropped
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Yes! Loans, malaria nets cheap, families pay back money slowly, can help provide for future generations
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Environmental pollution?
Pearl River delta
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3 Basic facts?
1-Pearl River delta area in Guangdong province China 2- lots of big companies (Wal-Mart) bring wealth 3- area 10x wealthier then when it started to attract industry
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Environmental impacts?
1-Lots of air pollution, smog, power plants burn coal can lead to acid rain 2- untreated sewage from factories, water quality poor 3- pollution affecting wildlife, Chinese white dolphin endangered
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Management strategies to reduce imapcts?
1-Pearl river delta air quality development plan 2- reduce coal burnt 3- government $7.1 billion clean up area 4- 30 sewage works 5- SUSTAIABLE! no factories shut down, pollution reduced
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Location of industry in the UK (MEDC) 4 basic facts?
1- Primary (growing, collecting raw materials) 2- secoundary (primary produts to another product) 3- Tertiary (services) 4- Quaternary (technology and research)
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Primary industry?
1-Farming- Lincolnshire, east Anglia, lots of rain, mild climate, good soil, flat 2- Coal mining, Nottingham, coalfields in area
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Secondary industry?
1- Grants encourage car manufacturing Merseyside 2-chemical works in NE England near to offshore rigs provide raw materials
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Tertiary industry?
1- Tourism in Cumbria, beautiful scenery 2- Shopping London, lots of customers
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Quaternary Industry?
1- High technology industry near Cambridge, famous uni, provides skilled workers 2- M4 corridor, good links and communication
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location of industry in Kenya (LEDC) how many types of industry?
Mainly 3, Primary, secondary, teriary
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Primary industry?
1- Livestock reared NE province climate too dry crops but suitable for grazing 2- farms in W province and Nyanza area recieves most rain 3- mining in magadi, mineral found called trona used to make glass
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Secondary industry?
1-cement works in the coast province, use limestone nearby deposits 2- manufacturers in Nairobi, area has good transport links
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Tertiary industry/
1- Tourism in coast province, beaches 2- tourism near Mt Kenya, 2nd highest mountain in Africa 3- tourism in Rift Valley lots of national parks and lakes
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1-Glasgows population? 2-Decline in what industries?


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