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THE ALPS what are the five uses of the alps?
farming, tourism, hep, mining, forestry
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THE ALPS how many tourists visit the alps each year?
100 million
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THE ALPS how many people go to the alps for winter sports
70% of the tourists
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THE ALPS how much of switzerlands electricity is from the HEP stations in the alps?
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KASHMIR EARTHQUAKE primary effects?
: 80,000 deaths : hundreds of thousands injured : 3 million made homeless :
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KASHMIR EARTHQUAKE what was the cause?
destructive plate margin
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7.6 on the richter scale
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KASHMIR EARTHQUAKE secondary effects?
:landslides buried buildings and people :diseases spread :freezing winter conditions caused more health issues
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KASHMIR EARTHQUAKE immediate responses?
:help didnt reach many areas for days or weeks :tents, blankets and medical supplies were distributed within a month but not to all areas affected: international aid and equipment was bought in
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KASHMIR EARTHQUAKE long term responses?
around 40,00 people relocated to a new town: govenment money given to people whose homes had been destroyed: new health centres have been set up in the area
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destructive plate margin
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6.3 on the richter scale
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LAQUILA EARTHQUAKE primary effects?
around 290 deaths :hundreds injured :thousands of damaged buildings :thousands made homeless :bridge near the town of fossa collapsed
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LAQUILA EARTHQUAKE secondary effects?
aftershocks :fires :broken water pipe
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LAQUILA EARTHQUAKE immediate responses?
camps were set up for homeless people with water, food and medical care :emergency services and the army sent :cranes and diggers used to remove rubble :money provided by the government to pay rent
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LAQUILA EARTHQUAKE long term responses?
italian prime minister promised to build a new town :investigations into why modern buildings werent built to withstand earthquakes
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HURRICANE KATRINA social effects?
1800 people killed :300000 houses destroyed :3 million left without electricity :• 70-80% of new Orleans residents were evacuated before the hurricane reached land
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HURRICANE KATRINA economic effects?
• Total of around $300 billion of damage • 230,000 of jobs were lost from businesses that were damaged or destroyed • 30 offshore oil platforms sunk or went missing. This increased the price of fuel • Shops in new Orleans were looted by residents
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HURRICANE KATRINA environmental effects?
• The hurricane caused the sea to flood parts of the land. This destroyed some coastal habitats (sea turtle breading beaches etc.)
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HURRICANE KATRINA short term responses?
• During the storm the coast guard, police, fire service, army and volunteers rescued over 50,000 people • About 25,000 people were given temporary shelter at a sports stadium (the Louisiana superdome) immediately after the storm
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HURRICANE KATRINA long term responses?
• The US government has spent over $800 million on rebuilding flood defences • Around $34 billion has been set aside for the rebuilding of things like houses and schools
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CYCLONE NARGIS social effects?
• More than 140,000 people were killed • 450,000 houses were destroyed • 2-3 million people were made homeless • 1700 schools were destroyed • 28,000 fishermen died
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CYCLONE NARGIS economic effects?
• Total of around $4 billion of damage • Millions of people lost their livelihoods • 200,000 farm animals were killed, crops were lost and over 40% of fo0od stores were damaged
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CYCLONE NARGIS environmental effects?
• Coastal habitats such as mangrove forests were damaged • The salinity (salt content) of soil in some areas has increased because of flooding by sea water. This means it’s more difficult for plants to grow.
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CYCLONE NARGIS short term responses?
• Burma’s government initially refused to accept any foreign aid. Aid workers were only allowed in three weeks after the disaster occurred. • The UN launched a massive appeal to raise money to help respond to the disaster
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CYCLONE NARGIS long term responses?
• Burma is relying on international aid to repair the damage- fewer than 20,000 homes have been rebuilt and half a million survivors are still living in temporary shelters.
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THE ALPS how many tourists visit the alps each year?


100 million

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THE ALPS how many people go to the alps for winter sports


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THE ALPS how much of switzerlands electricity is from the HEP stations in the alps?


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KASHMIR EARTHQUAKE primary effects?


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