Case Study - Boscastle Floods 2004

The 2004 Boscastle Floods

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Where is Boscastle located?
It is a small town located on the NORTH COAST of Cornwall and 40 kms NORTH WEST of Plymouth
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What part of Cornwall is Boscastle located in?
Below Bodmin Moor
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When did this happen?
Monday August 16th 2004 - Around 3:30pm
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What IS Boscastle?
A small seaside (tourist) resort
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What caused the flood?
A torrential thunderstorm with 60mm of rain in 2 hours (typical month of rainfaill) - A Flash Flood
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What 'thunderstorm' affected Boscastle?
It was the leftovers from Hurricane Alex (which came from the Atlantic Ocean)
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What rivers are situated in Boscastle?
Both mouths of the River Valency and the River Jordan - Very Narrow River Channel
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What and when was the first sign of danger?
Manhole Covers began to shudder at around 2pm (water gathered in sewers below) - Indicates a forceful storm
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Other than a flash flood, what also caused the flood?
The town is within a steep valley - Impermeable Rock and Thin Soil means SURFACE RUN-OFF
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How many properties were damaged?
58 flooded and 4 demolished
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What was the overall cost of the damage?
About £2 million - £10 million was used for the Flood Defences
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What is an economic impact of the flood?
Tourism had greatly reduced thus the local economy had not received money
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How many people were rescued?
100 people rescued by 7 (Westland Sea King) helicopters
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How many tourists and residents were affected - What did they do?
About 1000 people were affected and had to leave to find temporary shelter
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What shelter did they use?
29 out of the 31 Cornwall Fire Stations were used for 7 days
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How many people were killed?
No-one was killed, but a man broke his thumb!
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How many vehicles were damaged?
84 cars and Several Boats wrecked. 34 Cars and 5 Caravans were washed to sea (remember coastal pollution)!
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How much water was added to its Drainage Basin?
A total of 3 million tons of water!
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What work was done after the flood?
Expansion of River Valency (3m wide, 2m down), Raising the Car Park (with new permeable surface), rebuilding the old 'culvert' and re-opening of shops / businesses
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What part of Cornwall is Boscastle located in?


Below Bodmin Moor

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When did this happen?


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What IS Boscastle?


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What caused the flood?


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