Geography, 2, Globalisation

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What is primary production?
Raw materials
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What is secondary production?
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What is tertiary production?
Commercial services
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Name 4 reasons for increased globalisation
Improvements in transportation, Freedom of trade, Improvements of communications and Labour availibility and skills
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What is inward investment?
When a foreign company invests in a shop or business in another country, such as McDonalds
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What are multinational corperations?
Countries that operate in several countries
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Name 4 things attracting TNC's to a country
Cheap raw materials, low labour costs, good transport and friendly gouvernment policies
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What does inwards investment from TNCs provide?
New jobs and skills for local people
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How does globalisation increase awareness of events?
If a country has invested in a foreign company, they will make their home country aware of things such as natural didasters, i.e. 2004 tsinami, so money was raised quickly
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What do TNCs bring to countries via globalisation?
Weath and foreign currency when buying local resources. More money helps with education and infastructure
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What problems does globalisation have on resources? Name 3 factors
It uses up many finate resources and increases the worlds oil prices. It will also increase the worlds CO2 emmisions
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What problems does globalisation have on the job industry?
Jobs will be transfered from developed countries to developing countries
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What is secondary production?



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What is tertiary production?


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Name 4 reasons for increased globalisation


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