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1. what are Boris Bikes?

  • You can rent a bike and cycle it all around london, there are loads of stations around london that you can drop the bike off to when you're done, they're to save pollution by using bikes instead of cars
  • they're the newest bike brand
  • they're bikes you can buy and cycle around london when you like and theres loads of stations that you get them from
  • its Boris Johnsons bikes that he cycles
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2. jobs are harder to find because of...

  • the youthful population, not enough jobs for all the people
  • the aging population, too many jobs not enough young people to do them all

3. what is good about electric cars?

  • it saves using fuels, which is helping to stop us polluting as much
  • you can charge them at home
  • they look cool

4. the average age for people is 27 years of age

  • this is a youthful population
  • this is an aging population

5. which country has made Boris Bikes

  • England
  • Cuba
  • France
  • Cyprus


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